We introduce a new hardware license carrier: With this GUI user can create an alphabet table to map his own language. All of the integrated analysis tools contain many different methods and viewing options. XML interface extension, new parameters. Please refer to the brocure W-REC. It contains the following major functionalities:. Display the decoding quality parameter “Confidence”.

wavecom decoder

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Measuring parameters are signal center Hzbandwidth Hzlevel dB and detection confidence in percent. Significant improvements and new features are:. User can cut out any interesting signal in time and frequency domains from the sonagram for classification and decoding. We introduce a new hardware license carrier: DMR catches wide interest in the recent years and is mainly used by public institutions, such as police, transportation etc.

Detect and measure all signals in a selected bandwidth 4 kHz to 96 kHz. Additional, customer specific modes. Enhance the voice quality to get more clear output on the speaker. Real-time FFT functions with a fast display refresh rate are implemented.

The detection results with all details signal center, bandwidth, strength and those of the sub-signals are displayed in the text output window and the “Remarks” field for capture into a database. The software is available for download.


WAVECOM Professional Decoder for Radio Waves

Please write to sales wavecom. This version contains significant performance improvement and a more intuitive user interface. Similar to the classification strategy, it searches automatically through the whole frequency band, detects, displays and inserts all signals with their important parameters into a database. Software generated time stamps may be automatically added to each line of decoded data to ensure precise backtracking of any signal.

Please refer to the product brochure W-REC. We upgrade our complete decoding system series and launch two new complete systems.

wavecom decoder

Other significant improvements and new features are: Main features of this analysis tool are: With this extension almost the whole HF band can be covered in one recording. One client license provided with each software package Multiple licenses on request.

WAVECOM Wavecomusa professional HF/VHF/UHF decoder

Powerful functions provide the tools for analyzing unknown davecom. Please refer to the product brochure W-REC and the user manual. Direct receiver control Automatic real-time signal classification and decoding Wideband 2 MHz and narrowband 96 kHz signal recording in baseband IQ and playback Automatic capturing of classification result into a user configurable database. We make a new release of our decoder W61PC version 7.


No price change in all valid offers. The determination of signal characteristics is assisted by a large number of analysis and measurement functions operating over a wide range of signal parameters.

It records signals at their primary level from antennae, receivers or down converters etc. W-CODE 10 can be regarded as a “quantum-leap” release. A wide range of system default settings can be configured, e. IQ signal recording with bit each part.

wavecom decoder

XML interface extension, new parameters. Other bug fixes and improvements.

wavecom decoder

In the narrowband 96 kHz spectrum display, signals are detected and marked with different color labels. We make a new release of our decoders and applications: Helpful information in the Product Summary is: Decoded data can be imported from third-party applications running on the same or another computer decooder the network.