Leave the User and Password fields blank. Definitely go to the Vray forum or mail Chaos support. Now V-Ray should be running fine, provided that the total number of running V-Ray copies does not exceed the number of granted licenses for the licensing server. For more detailed installation and trouble-shooting instructions, please check the installation PDF guide. If 3dsmax is also licensed for that machine, you can use the Render Scene dialog as described above. Next, add the variable as follows: Please check the installation PDF guide for more detailed infromation and trouble-shooting instructions.


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Results 21 to 29 of It uses server names instead of drive letter mapping for reading files. Backburner on the other hand can be both unreliable and hard to setup.

Took me about 4 weeks to get to that point so hopefully I can help someone down the road save some time.

Afterwards run 3dsmax on any computer in your network and open the Render Scene dialog. If you are running OS X Mavericks or older you should add the variable in the launchd. Note that you need to reboot the machine after that in order for the changes to take effect. I input the IP address of that location during the install so we were pretty careful about making sure that was right.


Definitely go to the Vray forum or mail Chaos support. At work I was tasked with the job to get a network rendering pipeline setup for 3dsMax In case of any problems the user can edit the file directly, but we strongly recommend that, unless the user is experienced, they should not do so. In order for the variable to be valid for both terminal and GUI, you need to set it using either enviroment.

You need to close and re-open the render scene dialog to see the changes.

V-Ray licensing system

It may take a few seconds for the license server to start completely. It will prompt you for the license server name or IP where the V-Ray license server is running.

Please visit the License Server 5. June 20th, Max upgrade and Backburner Oh, ok. To my surprise it did! Thus usually the full name of the settings file is C: The dongle contains information about the number of vrlclien.txml licenses for V-Ray.

Send us an email to vray brlclient.xml.

Licensing system

It can be edited by hand but we strongly advise you not to do so, unless you are certain of what you are doing. Double-click that icon vrlclent.xml bring up a window that allows you to close the V-Ray license server simply close the window if you do not wish to terminate the license server:. Leave the User and Password fields blank. Vrlclifnt.xml 3 of 3 First 1 2 3 Jump to page: Note that if you are running the V-Ray license server on a different machine, you do not need to install the WIBU-key dongle drivers on your workstation.


The time now is True, that vrlclinet.xml be fairly easy to hand stitch them…would just be easier to have Backburner do it but oh well. For me MentalRay worked fine but not Vray scenes.


After vrlclient.xkl install V-Ray on the render slave, you must tell it where to look for the V-Ray license server. Then right click on the map or object, and tell it to convert to UNC mapping. Max will convert these automatically.


This thread has been automatically closed as it remained inactive for 12 months. Grlclient.xml Online License Server that uses the same user account may be installed more than once on the same internal network when on different workstations or servers to act as a redundancy measure.

Before using the dongle, you must install a driver for accessing it.