Once you know it was an illusion, you find anything in your power to keep it around. The Paper Kites’ twelvefour”. I hear they say that nothing good happens after midnight but I beg to differ. This is the track I find myself lying on the floor sobbing to as I realize what I got myself into. The song starts off with an explosive guitar riff that immediately catches your attention for what to expect next.

twelvefour paper kites

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Indie rock folk rock.

The Paper Kites: ‘twelvefour’ Track-By-Track Album Review

A film directed by Cox depicting the process of making the album was announced for release later kiyes[3] but has yet to surface. This is the track I find myself lying on the floor sobbing to as I realize what I got myself into.

twelvefour paper kites

Harmonica and pwper guitar combine to accentuate this pleasant but dangerous sensation, revealing what it means to live in this unreal state. The harmonica and guitar create a magical sound towards the end, making it a song to remember.

twelvefour paper kites

Leave a Papeg Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Michael Smith of Renowned for Sound gave the album a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars, opining that the change to an upbeat style was a “logical evolution” of the band’s sound, and commended “Bentley’s consistently moving vocals to the sheer quality of the guitar riffs that give the songs their power”.

The song starts off with an explosive guitar riff that immediately catches your attention for what to expect next. Sony Music Australia, Wonderlick Entertainment. Once I got my rwelvefour on a copy of twelvefour — a collection of songs written between the hours of twelve and four AM — I knew I had found a safe place to hide and daydream for forty-five minutes while singer Sam Bentley sang our mirroring truths out loud.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It stays consistent with the smooth vocals, but at the same time you hear a better depiction of the shift in sound I was describing earlier.

The harmony between Bentley and Lacy resonates in your ears, pulling at your heartstrings and making you want more. Deep tones and withheld starts encompass the fate of love come too late, and in many ways the song seems to capture the deepest parts of our soul which come to light in the darkest moments of our literal and figurative nights. Wonderlick Sony Music Nettwerk. More Posts Twitter LinkedIn. Just as this album found me at the right time?

Confidence in the delivery of every element means each moment consumes you, and you are taken on a journey that explores the deepest parts of the human soul. You gotta love music, though.

The addition of harmonica is unexpected, but it works, giving psper facet to the track. Gareth Hipwell of Rolling Stone Australia gave the album three out of five stars and felt “Revelator Eyes” sounded as if “The muses of the witching hour [ The Paper Kites on YouTube.

That being said, it is placed on the album in such a way that you can envision the silence it was penned in, and due to this it fits into the timeline papr twelvefour well.

Next Article Quick Review: Love resonates throughout the track, it almost feels like their singing paped you. Dark enough to match the tone of twelvefourthe guitar lines envelop you in their danger. I thought they were completely shifting from Folk to Rock.


[Album Review] The Paper Kites – ‘twelvefour’

You just want to sway and have it never end. This one too has a beautiful acoustic melody that sticks with you long after the album ends. Rising and falling with the inception of different instruments as twelvrfour song progresses, it is the first time we hear harmonies, giving us a rather ghostly song that embodies love and empathy.

The drums are much more prevalent and the guitar riffs seem to run a bit more rampant than what one hears on their previous work.

The Paper Kites: ‘twelvefour’ Track-By-Track Album Review

The Paper Kites’ twelvefour”. This track feels like a safety blanket I can go to whenever I feel like I might not be worthy of anything remotely romantic and crazy as I live vicariously through the lives of the paer in the video. It caught my ear on first listen, while also making me wonder what else they would attempt on the rest of the album. Jessica Morris is twelvefoue journalist from Melbourne, Australia.

They have those in bars, right? Previous Article New Album Release: