It also seems reasonable that the longer the unit has been without signal the longer it could take to re-acquire because it might start looking farther afield for satellites on the off chance that it “went to sleep” in Toronto and “woke up” in Vancouver. This clever service speeds up the time it takes to fix your GPS position, helping you to set off within 30 seconds – even when the GPS signal is weak or partially blocked. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: Wherever your ephem folder is stored is where the updated file goes. Go here on your computer:

tomtom quickgpsfix

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When booting at my desk, 9 out of 10 times my unit will be locked in at the completion of the boot process. This was to see how it would behave if it “woke up” somewhere different than where it “went to sleep”. Quckgpsfix servers crashed again early this morning North American Eastern time. It is the only tool you need to update, personalize, and manage your TomTom device to enjoy a premium navigation experience.

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quickgpsfiix You need to sync with TomTom Home regularly. Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. Of course the GPSs all boot up when the key is switched on.

Summary couldn’t do without it!!!!

TomTom XL QuickGPSFix Update Issue

This clever service speeds up the time it takes to fix your GPS position, helping you to set off within 30 seconds – even when the GPS signal is weak or partially blocked. The lock on times were within a second or 2 of each other. All the tricks to get quiclgpsfix acquisition starting with the very basic almanac, moving on to ephemeris, and so on are just means to start the search at a favorable place.


I latched an impression from a later sentence which could be read either way, but I agree that I should have retained the clear meaning you quoted.

I’ve found that it is very helpful to get a Quick Fix update before I fly to a new location on a business trip. Summary I would buy another Tom Tom Easy and use it Are you saying that you are receiving signals while you were inside the garage?

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So I think sjsanford offers good advice here. And NO gpsfixes have been offered to me since I got the device. It showed its old location just outside homethen the “waiting for GPS signal” message appeared, quicgpsfix 11 seconds later it updated the display with its current location.

tomtom quickgpsfix

This kind of forward thinking just isn’t part of the package. Pros I like the fact otmtom it automatically upload the new sat locations and community map info Cons would like to be albe to delete inividual recent destinations instead of all at one time.

Dec 24, Messages: My first stop took about an hour, and when I got back into the car and powered-up the TomTom it showed my position immediately after the qulckgpsfix screen went away.


tomtom quickgpsfix

Last edited by biggerdave; 8th May at My TomTom took 36 seconds to lock onto enough satellites to establish its position. With best wishes, – Tom.

Allows you to use the device on your computer screen. Go here on your computer: I was able o uncheck it and download the mapshare updates. I had also read that some TomTom models can’t even use the “ephemeris” data Overall an excellent service.

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My conclusion is that it can matter where you power-down and power-up your TomTom if doing so can avoid losing signal. However, if your TomTom does lose signal then it starts its search sequence to try and get a fix, and as archae86 suggested, it could take a bit of time to re-acquire the previous satellites. In an actual application, the gps started inside will be ready to navigate sooner than the gps started outside the garage, since the inside device has the advantage of booting while departing the garage, rather than waiting until in a clear area to boot.

Simply start the quick fix program for the download, weget must be allowed to download so set it to allow in your firwall.

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