And everyone mourned his passing, from the elders to the little children. Have you seen her? It was so hard when my husband died, because we had such a nice life together, we loved each other, we married out of love, we were engaged, we got along very well. Storytelling means delivering a teaching, building a thinking model, induction of values, expression of faith. For Roma or for others? When the children came, we would have fun, go to baptisms. Spor la viata sanatoasa Neamule!

still din mizil am o casa ca oricare

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And the graveyard, I could see his cross from my window. Should I kiss him on the cheek, or what?

still din mizil am o casa ca oricare

Succes astazi fratii mei!!! Why do Roma tell stories? We would dream at night and make the objects that we had dreamed about the next day. Si ne dam umanisti nu??? And he worked a lot. And it was a machine that would destroy tanks, a Faustpatrone, the shooter, the one who would shoot tanks and destroy them.

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We grew up working, my brother, and we worked until father died. They have a car, buy things from us, sell them, then come home, buy again. I never thought she could have such a wonderful idea.


They gave us, everything we worked was for export. Multumescu-ti Doamne pentru inca un rasarit ireal pe acest Pamant minunat. Nu aveti idee ce bine faceti! When I got out as a virgin, he took off my bedgown on his hands and my mother- in-law, my godmother, other oicare, my cousins, my sisters, my relatives played the news.

He abandoned his new born and the three years old daughter and left with the Romanian woman for France. dln

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No one fooled us ever. After that, I thought about writing WIth death before the eyes, about the mizul of the Roma people in Bug. For Roma or for others?

still din mizil am o casa ca oricare

The smile on his lips, I will never forget Then, after him, in thirty two, my sister was born. But my brother died, the second died, the third shot himself after the war.

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Not a day passes without me giving them something, because I go to school, cass me two lei, the other one give me two, give me two as well. Nijekh xoxadajas amenqe nijekh. I took her with me. Until Al- mighty God will decide differently.


still din mizil am o casa ca oricare

Liniste deplina singurul zgomot este dat de aripile pasarilor care trec pe deasupra. I help every poor man. Kodo has o phiraijbo. Pur si simplu am simtit ca isi doreste sa ii pastrez albinele. I have 5 grandchildren.

I would climb trees, I would climb the house, bring my blanket, my pillows, gather the little kids and sleep. If you do, they will ‘talk’ back to you. A lot of man most of them are here using woman’s vagina to jack off inside of and jumping their frustrantions, secret fears and feelings of inadequacy into them, all while masking it as confidence, because we can make a woman vulnerable to our stroke.

Cea mai mare bucurie este accea ca rosiile sint plantate de mine, ingrijite zilnic de mine de peste 2 luni, culese de mine!

When my dad came back, he scolded me, he beat me.