Ask Solem The Qpid broker is supported for Python 2. Queue now supports multiple bindings. This is a great first step before breaking the monolith apart because you still get some benefits before breaking apart the monolith:. LxmlItemLoader experimental contrib which never graduated to main contrib. Please check the documentation in each new repository to get familiar with the new usage. Re-connect if amqplib connection closed Adds Queue.

sqs 1.5.2 alt

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Ask Solem Initial fork of carrot. Is called before every call to poll.

Note We do not provide migrations for this model yet. LinkExtractor issuefixes issue and issue Link extractors are also improved.

sqs 1.5.2 alt

Adds support for Python 3. The behavior is now matched to unnamed broadcast queues.

Change history — Kombu documentation

This means that counter will increment each time you call UpdateItem. Ask Solem Having an empty transport name broke in 2. Each item consists of 5kb. Fixes KeyError on message acknowledgments Issue Amazon SQS is a distributed queue dqs that enables web service applications to quickly and reliably queue messages that one component in the application generates to be consumed by another component.


sqs 1.5.2 alt

Mher Movsisyan Broke Python 2. Ask Solem The url parser removed more than the first leading slash Issue Bring back support for relative file path issueissue Fix contributed by Dan LaMotte. For some, it has become a strategic imperative. Often leading to the error message “could not convert string to float”.

One example would be to disable the Pickle serializer: This setup consists of the following resources: If sqe item is updated, the stream captures the “before” and “after” image of any attributes that were modified in the item.

Documentation is improved, as usual. Comparing the project structure between the monolith and the microservices version, you can see that each service is now its own separate build. If you need to wqs base64 encoding then you can do so via the transport options: Running test suite now requires mock python library issue One example would be to disable the Pickle sws.

sqs 1.5.2 alt

Auto delete support for virtual transports were incomplete and could lead to problems so it was removed. Ask Solem compat consumerset now accepts optional channel argument. AttributeError has been added to the list of known connection related errors Connection. Acquiring a producer will in turn also acquire a connection from the associated pool in connectionsso you the number of producers is bound the same limit as number of connections. The new py-amqp version have been refactored for better performance, using modern Python socket conventions, and API consistency.


You can now have multiple bindings in the same queue by having the second argument be a list: Fix contributed by John Watson. Fixed bug in utils.

Deploying Java Microservices on Amazon Elastic Container Service

The latest msgpack version no longer supports Python 2. Now raises a channel error if a queue key that is currently being consumed from disappears.

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