It was too early to celebrate, though. Nevertheless, I am grateful for every single man you managed to get to safety. The green creatures were already hot on their heels and gaining fast, though. Something that chunky didn’t look like it should’ve been able to get airborne. The situation is still critical: Home Game Index Spellcross. We came across a few scattered enemy units, but they apparently weren’t expecting a force as large and cohesive as ours to still be on this side of the line.

spellcross pl

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They were among the forces tasked to defend this part of the country, but it was pretty obvious sepllcross been put in way over their heads. This turn-based CCX-Com hybrid Among them were an aggravating tendency for radio signals to get scrambled or blocked, so we were left without a way to contact HQ and figure out what the situation was.

We patched up the injured the best we could, filled everyone in on what was happening, and cautiously crossed the natural bridge.

spellcross pl

The second, an aggravating one, was that the Forces of Darkness had apparently anticipated our forces trying to retreat that way and taken out the bridge. Then the orcs fell upon us, and another rifle company fell victim to the enemy’s weapons.

Command had managed to get a defensive line set up about ten kilometers to the east, spellcdoss orders to all units behind enemy lines to fight their way there.


Spellcross Part #1 – Mission 1: Escape

The rifle company we’d just rescued lost composure at the sight, firing wildly, and in their panic they were spellcgoss prey. They were definitely ugly bastards. Actually, could they fly? We got the last of them before they could do any real damage with those hooks, but it was a close call. An enemy company, and they were out for blood.

They’d let themselves become isolated, which made them easy targets for our massed gunfire. Vicious jaws tore them apart left and right, and the screams of the dying joined the cracks of gunfire that split the night air. Don’t get me wrong – we knew which side we were on, but we weren’t ready. Turn-based strategy game where your modern army stand against the forces of spellcrosss When we were close to the natural bridge, we came across another scattered rifle company, fleeing headlong from another mass of ax-men.

I was lucky enough it just grazed me, and once it fell, we had time to catch our breath.


Our little country was in no way prepared for a conflict on this scale. The game only features a single-player mode, split into tactical battles and a strategic planning mode. It’s a bit of a different story when the the “axemen” are eight feet tall with the physiques of bodybuilders and hefting axes with blades the size of car doors, though.

Such a small force, without even the element of surprise on its side, posed no real challenge. A great turn-based strategy game from ; involving orcs, demons, dragons and other fantasy figures against modern Resource and troop management, research, maps, territory acquisition and counter-attacks tie the scenarios together in a rudimentary narrative. Whether by accident or because the gunfire had drawn them to potential prey, more ax-wielding monsters stormed out from behind the trees, accompanied by strange, doglike creatures.


spellcross pl

Ostatnia bitwa in Polish; Spellcross: We refer to the enemies in general as “Otherside”, the other side. In Spellcross, a contemporary Earth military fights for survival against an extradimensional invasion of orcs, undead, harpies and other fantastical creatures. To a modern army with automatic rifles, a military force wielding axes should have been laughable.

Our enemy’s magic had some strange secondary effects.

We were as stunned as anyone else when the gates appeared. The Last Battle Spellcross: They did have important information, though: Earth rallied quickly, though.

spellcross pl

As if ax-wielding mutants and hellhounds weren’t enough, apparently the Wicked Witch of the West had sent her flying monkeys out on a stroll in the Slovakian countryside.

We were lucky, then, to run into a rifle company.