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sep 12.1 ru2 beta

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Neta thread is locked. Could not find the reason of this abnormal behaviour. Did this solve your problem? I am switching back to open pgp so that I can automate the encryption and decryption.

Chetan Savade Replied on November 12, I want to know in the report that “attack host” coloum is source of attack host or destination attack host.


Sorry this didn’t help. Also to try, I have opened all ports for my network where the remote machine sits on. I looked in the sp manager, changing the ‘VIEW’ to show devices by connection and show hidden devices. Gdawgg’ Created on November 4, Sign up using Facebook.


What could be causing this as i cannot install the SEP client manually on machins. I noticed that when loging to the SEPM Java console a warning appeared that the certificate is not trusted,the certificate was instaled in the local computer store after which the warning disapeared.

Browse the Latest Snapshot. I need a solution 64 bit. There is no issue in exporting the Packages of Windows but Mac is creating problem.

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I need a solution Hi There. I was able to import my clients public key at ease. Symantec Endpoint Protection disk space Ask Question. We are having the SEP Its gives an Error while exporting i. Known issue; upgrade your SEPM to The last thing i tried is turning off the security setting on the group level “enable secure comunication between the server and the clients by using digital certificates for authentication”.


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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I was tempted to go ahead with your option, but if I cannot get symantec to run smoohly on my computer, I’ll be limited in my time to use the university’s email.

sep 12.1 ru2 beta

Se other day we had a psu burn out in a switch in our datacenter, this caused some servers to disconnect in various manners – some not immediately noticeable. From the Symantec forums: How can I enable the add-in for all users of a computer, automatically.

sep 12.1 ru2 beta

brta Symantec Brightmail Gateway issue. I need a solution OS: We have run into a issue on a customers estate, more than half the client have stopped updating, im talking machines. I think that I should setup content filter policy, but I am not sure about it. We have just deployed SEP