As for the accents, some fonts offer two heights both for short and long “sala u”. They are among the first fonts he designed. Fonction usable with registered fonts only presence of a. If you do not have this type of file for a font you wish to use, write us and join a copy of this font to your mail “. Lastly, the “guiding” consonant clusters for example “kho vo” , that also have erratic places in wordlists, will have the possibility to be placed at the beginning or at the end of the initial letter. They’re especially useful as they have English text alongside Lao.

saysettha 2000

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The configuration of LaoWord.

saysettha 2000

The parameters settings are done in the LaoWord configuration window click on the left button. In addition to the type of romanization, you have the possibility to choose if you want your transcriptions to be displayed in a separate window or to replace the original text.

Each Alo font also includes a full Roman English alphabet, so that if you need a single letter or word in English, you don’t need to change fonts. We created some new fonts and revised some existing fonts, so that they look good even when greatly enlarged.

A contrario, the sad face states that the standard selections of Word are in operation. See Word’s documentation and the LaoWord 4. Eventually, we expect that most publishing will be done with a different system, called Unicode.


saysettha 2000

The Lao writing is ambiguousi. Several cases may arise depending on whether you have the font and the transcribing file or not:. LaoWord solves this problem and offers the choice between ten keyboard layouts:. The keyboard layout is below.

Saysettha 2000 Free Font

Unfortunately some do not use Unicode, but other arbitrary encoding. The Lao fonts are generally incompatible, either because they belong to completely different fonts families POLICES or because they present small variations inside a family. I’m approaching this from a somewhat obtuse angle.

Because the fonts are independent of the word processing functions fonts are operating systems related objectsthey are not included in the LaoWord package. To fix the height of the accents of a selection, open the Text formatting functions window and select “Adjust the height of the accents” as well as the desired operation ascend or descend the accents contained in saysetyha selection. The booklet above tells how to install this utility. This picture shows a sample of each font.

The following hot keys are Lao extensions to Microsoft’s standard hot keys:. You can select your keyboard layout in the configuration window.

Big Brother Mouse

Please see the LaoWord 4. The Lao tables sorting. This is made necessary because saysettha the absence of separators between words and gives an additional comfort during selections, for example before a copy of text. It will allow you to:.


When the LaoWord mode will be active smiling face icona “double-click” as well as a “mouse-move” will select the Lao text syllable by syllable.

We use a way which is very simple and requires no additional programs. If you want to use it, you can seek it on the Internet or in a specialized shop, and install it.

GMSWord => Lao language and writing

If you wish to use the font-switching, you will need these two small downloads. We will send its transcribing file back to you. The Unicode has some errors: As well as the keyboard mapping and fonts, Add-Ins for various applications were developed, to support word-wrap, spell-checking and conversion of Lao text between different coding conventions.

The font size is automatically adapted in such a manner that the text roughly keeps its original size. KPL news publish stories in Unicode, complete with zero width space word breaks. You can set these parameters in the LaoWord configuration window.