Safexpert StandardsManager checks whether solutions based on standards are up-to-date and helps to avoid systematic errors. For measures that depend on a control system e. Thus Safexpert in conjunction with Safexpert StandardsManager enables to automatically check which measures in which projects will no longer be up-to-date. Depending on which version of the software is purchased Basic, Compact or Professional , the modules will be included or available at additional cost. Therefore please fill out the contact form in order to receive the download link via e-mail.

safexpert demo

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Then print out the declaration of conformity in the last step. Depending on which version of the software is purchased Basic, Compact or Professionalthe modules will be included or available at additional safexpertt.

Once this is downloaded plus the separate PDF guide to the demo version – a further 11MBinstallation is very straightforward – you even get to choose between English, German and French.

Depending on the product machine, incomplete machine, electrical devicethe user is guided through the necessary process steps in a structured manner:. The second step is to check whether a change in the standard has an impact on ongoing projects.

Editorial systems are becoming more and more popular for the administration edmo production of technical documents. Safexpert NormAnalyzer Check Office documents for up-to-dateness of standards.

safexpert demo

Safexpert is structured as a series of modules, the Pictograms Library being just one of these. Lastly, it has to be remembered that this latest version of Safexpert helps with the CE marking of machinery that is being built in accordance with the new standard EN A useful feature is that, at any point, the user can view all aspects of the project where safety has been achieved or where data still needs to be entered, which makes it easy to go through and tie up the loose ends, without anything being missed.


This helps to ensure that no important points in the operating instructions are forgotten and thus to reduce the product liability risk due to missing information on residual hazards!

Plant projects are clearly structured using modules and interfaces. Safexprt the internal manufacturing checksyou check whether your product complies with the technical documents. This supports engineering in several respects:.

CE Marking requirements and CE Marking Directives |

Once you start to use the software it is almost immediately apparent that it has been translated from German IBF is based in Austria.

Status evaluations show you for which identified hazards the risk has not yet been sufficiently reduced. The basic module includes the following:.

safexpert demo

No flood of information! Safexpert NormAnalyzer — Check Office documents for up-to-dateness of standards. Take full advantage of the system right from the start. If you want to install an update from Safexpert 7. Available data safexprrt and standards packages Safexpert offers packages of bibliographic data on the basis of which the standards research and the current status monitoring are carried out in order to avoid producing unnecessary costs during standards research.

Safexpert Download (Free trial) –

You safwxpert use guideline-specific checklists to ensure that you do not forget any important points when creating the technical documentation! Certainly the software is user-friendly and intuitive, and from what can be seen from the demonstration software, it is also thorough whether or not you would call it ‘comprehensive’ depends on the deemo purchased.


For projects that are similar to an already completed project, it is obvious to take over considerations on construction, calculation, etc. It is also password-protected for security.

Practice software for CE marking

For those machine builders that are planning ahead, or that are using programmable safety-related control systems and are therefore uneasy about working to ENthis will be a major benefit. The Safexpert StandardsManager module supports you in your research!

Uniformity and standardization in testing processes Central administration and updating of checklists Selectable check levels – When creating checklists, different check levels can be specified to adjust the level of detail safexperg checks to the situational requirements. The standards package “Standard” provides direct access to seven particularly important standards from the field “Safety of machinery”, which almost every designer needs in his daily work: Overview of hazards and risk reduction measures applied.

The CE Guide according to the Machinery Directive guides manufacturers of machinery and plants step by step through the conformity assessment procedure. You define to which product group of the Machinery Directive your product is to be dem e. Would you simply like to carry out a standards-compliant risk assessment according to ISO as quickly as possible and without prior safexperg training and document it uniformly?

Conclusion Taking all of the above into account, is Safexpert 5. By assigning them as “bookmarks”, they can be quickly and easily inserted into the correct chapter of the operating instructions template.