By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Open the profile manager, add your game. Is there a way to reset the driver settings without a reinstall? If Roccat bangs out an update to Swarm that improves its macro functionality, and perhaps pulls back on the price a bit, it could have a real winner on its hands here. The two buttons behind the mousewheel are set up to control the DPI settings of the mouse by default. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

roccat kone macro

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From a performance standpoint in theory we could have wireless mice without the weight disadvantage by combining wireless charging and using capacitors in pace of batteries to store charge. Open the profile manager, add your game.

roccat kone macro

As the lift-off distance, tracking accuracy and surface of the mousepad are directly related to each other, the newest macfo combine this knowledge into one single calibration, where the new DCU calibration now covers the tracking improvements of the old and outdated TCUs as well.

Over on the left side of the mouse we have the usual forward and back buttons above a thumb jacro. The third mouse button that is, the mouse wheel click also feels crisp, rocct the detents on the mouse wheel itself feel a little sloppy. Separately, a DCU Distance Control Unit was used to set the lift-off distance above which the mouse stopped sending signals to the computer to allow lift-offs without moving the mouse cursor. Your name or email address: Yes, but there is a 5 active profile limit.


Roccat’s Kone Aimo gaming mouse reviewed

It is located at the bottom of Swarm’s main screen. If i assign a keyboard key using a “Shortcut” then press that rroccat button the longer I hold it down the faster the key event is sent. Folks who read my articles and front-page comments will already know that I play a lot of games.

Go to the advanced settings and scroll to the bottom. What does it mean to have switches with a 50 million nacro life-cycle? This is typically done by assigning the keyboard hotkey function of a game function to the desired mouse button.

For example, in most games reloading works in-game by pressing the R key on your keyboard.

roccat kone macro

Did this answer your question? Anniversary Editionand a few other games with the Kone Aimo.

roccat kone macro

You can edit existing macros by finding the relevant macro and inserting new key or mouse inputs via right-clicking. Auto Switch makes Swarm automatically change to the profile that an. Is there a simpler way? How do I remove an. As this is a third-party functionality integration for our device capabilities, we maintain the API integration of AlienFX on our side. The touch feeling is comparable koje a rubber coating, yet it’s more grippy and the peel-off resistance is much higher. Polling rate is how often your mouse reports its position to the PC it is attached to.


Is it possible to share my Profiles with other people? I absolutely love kpne What is the deal with AIMO?

ROCCAT Swarm Support

Does the software lag like hell to anyone else? Is it possible to change a profile automatically when I launch a game? Frequently asked questions 1.

Even as rocat as it is, though, I think all but the most dedicated Roccat fans will balk at the current price rocat on this mouse.

Open Swarm, select the relevant button in the Button Assignment tab and click the Assign a Hotkey function. Yes, if you want to play e.

How does a company distinguish itself now? I am not sure if it accelerates forever but it does so long enough to be very useful. There is an option to add a “Shortcut” but it only lets you assign keyboard keys to this shortcut not macor buttons.