The fall of Tyana lent itself to a legend: Meanwhile, a devastating plague swept through the Balkans, killing many soldiers in both armies. Originally Posted by Diocle. Aurelian continued to harass the enemy, driving them northward into Upper Moesia where emperor Claudius had assembled his main army. With an act typical of the Crisis of the Third Century , the army refused to recognize the new Emperor, preferring to support one of its own commanders: Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. In the 5th year of his reign Emperor Aurelian while waiting at Caenophrurium before crossing into Asia Minor was approached by an unknown Tribune of the Praetorian Guard who informed Aurelian of a plot to assassinate him within the coming days.

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The mod moves the Roman Empire into its time of crisis. It is here that Aurelian displayed his talent as a general.

InEmperor Philip the Arab had celebrated the millennium of the city of Rome with great and expensive ceremonies and games, and the Empire had given a tremendous proof of self-confidence. Viipuri, Kingdom of Suomi.

In earlyemperor Claudius and Aurelian marched north to meet the Alamanni, defeating them decisively at the Battle of Lake Benacus. Thus the vast empire was again ruled by a central authority. However, while the siege was ongoing the Emperor was assassinated. These two propositions, together with the tradition that the clan Aurelius had been entrusted with the maintenance of that deity’s cult in Rome, inspired the notion that this could explain the devotion to the sun-god that Aurelian was to manifest as Emperor – see below.

A Restoration [3] Setting out from Carrhae Aurelian cut a bloody swathe across Mesopotamia burning crops and and sacking towns as he went before encountering the Persian army outside Ctesiphon.

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The claim that Aurelian was chosen by Claudius on his death bed [22] restittutor be dismissed as propaganda; later, probably inAurelian put his own dies imperii the day of Claudius’ death, thus implicitly considering Quintillus a usurper. AurelianLatin in full Lucius Domitius Aurelianusborn c. In Rome, the Emperor was occupied with internal menaces to his power and with the defense of Italia and the Balkans.


Aurelian was a reformer, and settled many important functions of the imperial apparatus, dealing with the economy and religion. Antoninian EF Aurelianus, – Antoninianus AD Philip I.

restitutor orbis

During his reign, he defeated the Alamanni after a devastating war. He was Matthias for the christian apostle by his mother who was a devout christian and was consequently raised as such growing to have a deep understanding of the general workings of the cult.

Inthe Alamanni moved towards Italia, entering the Po plain and sacking the villages; they passed the Po Riveroccupied Placentia and moved towards Fano. As well as this the officials responsible for collecting these taxes the Decuriones were given authority to requisition the aid of any soldiers he felt were necessary to extract taxes from more unwilling citizens and were required to pay any shortfall out of their own pocket to ensure efficient collection of taxes finally Aurelian further extended these taxes to all of Italia reztitutor the city of Roma itself who was to remain exempt from all taxes however such protection did not extend to the land surrounding the city which saw many Senators now being required to pay taxes furthering the already considerable rift between the Imperator and the Senate.

Born the son of a Roman centurion and a romanised Gaul of the Averni tribe. Rome, having been humiliated in the East by the capture of Valerian by the Persians, must have restitutpr vengeance.

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His attempt to reform the silver coinage, debased for more than 40 years, met with only limited success. However when Aurelian demanded to know why if they loved him they permitted liars and would be regicide’s near him the soldiers cheers soon became angry yells. Sep 13, Location: I demand more of this! Consul of the Roman Empire — with Capitolinus, Marcellinus. The new ruler quickly suppressed the rebellion of the usurper Aureolus, but, after a reign of 18 months, Claudius died.


The Roma Aurelian returned to in March in the eighth year of his reign was an optimistic one and rightly so. Born in humble circumstances, he rose through the military ranks to become emperor. Early inwhile marching to open a campaign against Persia, Aurelian was murdered by a group of officers who had allegedly been misled by his secretary into believing themselves marked for execution.

restitutor orbis

Aurelian was an outstanding general and a severe and uncompromising administrator. AR Antoninianus A. I remember, moreover, having read one author who declared that he was born in Reatitutor “.

Full name Lucius Domitius Aurelianus. Aurelian defeated Quintillus’ troops, and was recognized as Emperor by the Senate after Quintillus’ death. And perhaps most importantly Aurelian and Roma had an heir in the shape of the young infantryman Matthias[2] who Aurelian had come to grow restitutod of during the march home to Roma.

Each Consul was from then on to be appointed by the Imperator with the Consul’s to be placed in charge of the legions in the East and Western end of the Empire[6], furthermore each consul was to have a series of Duces beneath them with each Dux responsible for the organisation of the military forces of the province s they were responsible for.