If you have a contact at Dolby they may be able to look at the content and tell you where the issue is I spent a week going back and forth between DoReMi and Cinedigm to figure out our issue. He says that everything is going well on the compression end, but when he brings over the hard drives, the Dolby Show Store does not see any content on them, in fact I’m not even sure it sees the drive. I know of issues with other more expensive software packages as well. It’s certainly not in the DCP spec. Go To Topic Listing.

quvis wraptor

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I would be interested to see if for instance the FFmpeg project guys would be interested in looking at it; they would of course need paying to do so. Image size If you rwaptor producing theatrical content with correct DCI size and aspect ratios, it will be packaged as it is provided.

Posted December 23, We’ve followed instructions to a T and have so far been unsuccessful.

QuVIS Wraptor DCP Encoder Now Available in Adobe Creative Cloud

All times are Central GMT I suspect measures will be very carefully taken by the entities involved to ensure that DCP mastering is kept as difficult, exclusive, and expensive as possible, both because the labs have a lot of printmaking revenue to cover and to wtaptor that it can be used as a way of controlling the market. I heard quvus the Dolby servers are extremely picky with some file specs, i. Frame rate Video gear generally operates at slightly lower or higher frame rates that the international wgaptor for theatrical movie releases which is 24 frames per second.


The drive he bought is powered by it’s own adapter, just like the normal drives from Technicolor are. Paste as plain text instead. I figured out that I couldn’t use the mini or micro usb ports.

Wraptor | QuVIS

I have paid upfront for Wraptor Qucis 3. I guess it has to be JPEG, but in what shell?

quvis wraptor

Common 2k D-cinema resolutions: Can I create such files on a regular PC or Mac with available software? Mattias Mattsson Film Handler Posts: This is really more of a wdaptor forum.

quvis wraptor

I hope you figure it out! Wraptor Media Encoder can package standard theatrical quality, fully interoperable DCPs using wraptot tiny fraction of the date traditionally required for a theatrical DCP. Go to original post. This is more a general compatibility thing than a flaw of a specific software.

Only the regular type A or B usb ports will work. The simple answer is that I am not aware that tools currently exist to do this on the desktop and it is probably not very simple to create them.


Display as a link instead. For content which is in the desired size and aspect ratio, real time packaging of 4K content can quvi achieved by a medium high end computer. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

quvis wraptor

Yeah, quvis wraptor my concern. Paris, Ile de France, France Registered: Insert image from URL. Mike Olpin Chop Chop! Another thing might be the drive itself. Audio Processing and converting audio sample rates and resolutions for a DCP often gets tricky, especially when frame rate conversion is also required. The posts made here are for waptor as well as entertainment purposes and as such anyone viewing this portion of the website must accept these views as statements of the author of that opinion and agrees to release the authors from any and all liability.

Here I found the user guide for wraptor http: Doing some extended tests of the wraptor here now, quite interesting results There are no known issues at quvis wraptor time. It can provide preview playback on lower end systems at reduced bandwidth.