Select a folder to save to. Typical Linux distributions do not pre-configure rsync for server use. I hope this tutorial is useful to anyone trying to get Rsync running with the linkstation. This can be run stand-alone or using xinetd as is typically configured on most Linux distributions. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

qtdsync server

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I first chance upon the QtdSync rsync client sometime late Feb this year. Cygwin must be installed for the purpose of this tutorial.

Rsync: backup and restore

Note that Cygwin applications refer to configuration file referenced within the Cygwin environment. Note that current Linux distributions use ssh version 2 and rsa.

If not select ” Start the service”. First, key in a name for the backup set. Now click the green ok button. There is no other port of rsync.


This seem more logical to me. While the backup actually works, all qtxsync files backed up on the linkstation become read only and I can only delete the files by logging into the NAS as root. My experience is that the service is detected by the OS and added to the firewall privileges.

Joseph Lo’s Tech Blog

Note that QtdSync will automatically update the rsync path accordingly. Do not transfer files ending with “.


qtdsync server

This will also drop to the main starting menu. Opposite of -L -p: Print verbose set of statistics on the transfer Add -h –human-readable to print stats in an understandable fashion.

qtdsync server

I have no idea what went wrong I am not sure which party is at fault here — whether windows 7 or deltacopy but I have been spending so much time trouble-shooting that I thought I will give another rsync client a go this time.

Setting any other name different to the original folder name will not work your mileage may vary in this case since I have tried. This is in fact the same rsync executable run with the command line argument ” –daemon “.

What I like about QtdSync is that the rsync binaries that come bundled with the software work out of the box. This will again drop us to the main menu box. Proj1 will produce an error because rsync will interpret the “C: Rsync description, topologies and configuration:.

Obviously you can set any folder you like. Now a standard windows dialog box will pop up and you can select the source folder u want to backup.

qtdsync server

Connection timed out does not get past this and times out. This is the settings I used. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The above settings appear to remedy the issues for me.


The installation menu is in german but it is pretty easy to figure out which button to press. Note that I HAVE to use the above settings because for whatever reasons, the stock rsync settings from QtdSync while works well to copy the files to the server, will render the files copied readonly on the server. Fortunately the software menus are all in English when it is fully installed.

QtdSync v0.6.20 beta

The directories can be on any accessible random access storage devices hard drives, thumb drives, etc. This will load the QtdSync Settings dialog box. I did not try to see if this version works then but I kept this feature at the back of my head in case I need to switch Rsync client one day. This is how I setup QtdSync to work with my linkstation and I will use the document folder of my ScanSnap s as an example. I like software that is not bloated.