Type the following pacmd list-sources less to get a list of pulseaudio sources. Under the shoutcasts section, add a new source: Now our icecast server is running, we need to let pmsencoder and ps3mediaserver know about it. All that remains is to fire up Spotify. Also subtitles and audio language selection are supported. Sopcast I’ve never tried so no specific advice there, but afaict it should work in theory with ffmpeg web video.

pmsencoder plugin

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You can also re-attach plugln running playback session this sentence should belong somewhere else. I just need to set: The next thing we need is a plugin for ps3mediaserver called pmsencoder. Unsurprisingly I am still unable to open any webstreams my go to test are the TED streams because I know these normally work.

Connect your YouTube channel and choose the videos you want to see.

PMSEncoder Killing UMS – Universal Media Server | Forum

All trademarks and copyrights are held by respective owners. Run the following, replacing the device with your own, and the password at the end with the icecast2 source password you set earlier: It’s the reason why P2P protocol is used to limit the server load. Let me know if you find a better way though. You just have to unzip it on your server and it should be ready to use.


pmsencoder plugin

Your ffmpeg doesn’t appear to support rtmp, so use the UMS ffmpeg binary instead which does. If all plguin gone well, you should get the icecast2 status page.

pmsencoder plugin

Head over to the downloads page. The Jumpy log file says “unable to open xbmc-urlresolver” I would humbly like to thank God for giving me the necessary knowledge, motivation, resources and idea to be able to execute this project. Found this old project GMediaRender – but it was incomplete, several basic features missing and the project has been abandoned several years ago.

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This is mentioned in olugin link, but the main method they talk about is for Windows, and a solution for mac is touched upon. The line in UMS. With any luck, after 20 or 30 seconds you should hear the track starting on your ps3 as well!

This is pretty handy in itself – it pmsencder you to stream podcasts from a feed URL, shoutcast radio stations and various web video streams. I have since re-run the script and I think it may be to do with me installing xbmc on a headless server User will get rich media experience by viewing video streams from your site.

This is a sample media app to demonstrate media functionality in the context of a Progressive Web App. I can stream the France24 feed in the WEB.


Once ps3mediaserver and pmsencoder are working, we need to set up an icecast server to plguin our soon-to-be-made stream to pmsencoder.

No bother, I put it in as per the instructions “1. This will create the file. Next we just run a command to convert this pulse source into an ogg file, which is then sent to the icecast2 server. Run the following, replacing the pnsencoder with your own, and the password at the end with the icecast2 source password you set earlier:.

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Written in the systems language Rust, it has some solid performance. I currently don’t have that much time to maintain this project and have also lost some interest to be honest.

But it’s not enough because one video could become famous and overload the server. But sadly that didn’t fix it.

1. Install ps3mediaserver

Also subtitles and audio language selection are supported. If something is broken and VDM can’t get you things you want, don’t panic. Again, MediaTomb will play these http: