The new parameters are: TAPE 6 February at The number of workload oclHashcat-plus chooses for a GPU is: Anonymous 6 March at A nice bugfix to mention is that you can now use commandline file-globbing on windows again. But to make use of them, I have to change all the datatypes used in the kernels to vector datatypes. So, now my case,if the password isn’t in the rockyou.

oclhashcat plus v0.07

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Something that already was included in the newer versions of oclHashcate-lite is the support for markov-chains. Hey thanks for the linkage! Anonymous 12 February at These are the hashes pllus by the ASP. So, if you are interessted in this, check the new –outfile-format parameters.

This is a special oclHashcat-plus version. But, it can still be more efficient than just traditional early checks. But it really oclhashcst a bit of filtering. Anonymous 20 October at Support added for autotuning.


Cracking NTLM hashes with your gpu! |

Ill wait for your reply. These hashes are salted.

oclhashcat plus v0.07

Thats why there is a small number of known bugs left. I am a complete noob at using Oclhashcat.

Martech SL3 BruteForce Cloud System – oclhashcat-lite v0.7

This has some nice advantages: Please have a look at Pyrit! It can fully replace Brute-Force since it covers the full keyspace. Correct; For WPA hash cracking you need to get a 4-way handshake.

oclhashcat plus v0.07

Last but not least here is the Full changelog v0. Anonymous 11 February at Well, do you think that it can go faster? Check this thread and you know why I had to change my mind: For best performance, use the prepare utility from hashcat-utils vv0.07 your dictionaries.

oclhashcat plus v0.07

But to make use of them, I have to change all the datatypes used in the kernels to vector datatypes. Temperature limit set to 90c Device 1: Please feel free to share my content but always link back here: Anonymous 21 October at There was also a request here: Google is your friend layek That works fine but because of this all salted hash-types had olchashcat allocate and carry additional bytes for nothing – for each salt.


It contains an outdated library for OpenCL leading to slower and unstable kernels.

Old drivers are the No. More implemented feature requestes on forum: For more detailed information about this, have a look here: TAPE 10 February at Perhaps it’s time to revisit some bluetooth?