JavaScript is required to view this site. Grid View List View. And you have the same powers. It was important to your future. And it was all your fault.

nwanda solitudine

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You crouched behind a chair, fully aware that what you were doing was not right.

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I mean, this soolitudine sound a little weird coming from me, but…what if the same thing that happened to MJ happens to me? You had no one.

You had already studied a little arachnology was solotudine big one and that definitely did not look like a normal spider, it did not look like any species you knew.

You went up to the roof and saw Peter sitting at the table instead of Wanda. He only had you and May and now you were going too.

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She shot angry glares back at him, her gaze solituxine with the heat of a thousand suns. Like Peter, your mouth was wide open. You almost prayed for the ground to swallow you up. Peter seemed to feel the same. And now this was karma biting you back.


What was your surprise when you came in and came across a little glass box with the little spider in your room? My master would say: My best friend, Peter. He owed it to you. MJ sighed and wiped her tears.

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It just hurt so much to walk by him in the hall and not jump into his arms, to not run your fingers through his hair and kiss him like there was no tomorrow. You both had a twenty minute conversation on Star Trek last night at dinner. All you wanted to do was disappear. Your twin brother suddenly gains power and does not tell you anything? Peter Parker X Reader Warnings: I apologized to her and told her she deserves better.

You brought your face closer.

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You knew it was a mistake. Only by letting go can we truly possess what is real.


nwanda solitudine

Peter talked wildly, gesturing with his arms and pleading with her. We talked it out.

You blinked at him, not knowing what to do. For a small spider, its bite hurt. Grid View List View. You picked up your phone to see you had a missed call from Peter. Improved hearing and everything.

You watched as MJ stood with her back against the lockers, arms crossed and frowning up at Peter. But Peter, curious as he is, could not help himself and had to carry the spider so he could study it at home. Just now that you had discovered the powers!

nwanda solitudine