Click on the Advanced tab. The recording process will continue, as you split the tracks. In this guide, we walk through connecting the device, setting up and using the included EZ Converter software, and importing your audio into iTunes. It is recommended to temporarily disable anti-virus software when recording audio. Some turntables ship with a protective cover to protect the needle. Troubleshooting track count and recordings that are the incorrect length. My USB cable is not working.

numark ttusb software

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Under the Playback tab click on your sound card speakers. For the most current and updated version of the software please visit: This way you can add your music to your non iPod mp3 player. Select the location where you want to store your files and click Ok to confirm your sotware. See more on updating here.

Click Apply to save, then click OK to exit. All of the steps and windows are the same for both a Mac and a Windows computer minus the very last step where a Windows user will choose a location for the audio track and a Mac user will automatically have the audio softwarf convert into iTunes.


My USB cable is not working.

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If the software is unable to connect to the audio device try different USB ports on your computer until the device is recognized.

How do I import my converted songs into iTunes? Can I add my music to Windows Media Player?

To remedy these problematic albums it is recommended to un-check the box in Step 2 Split recording into tracks. See Step 8 below for the location of these files. On a Laptop the USB port closest to the power supply is the better choice. If you do not click new track, the result will be one long continuous track. This feature may not function properly on certain types of recordings such as spoken word, live recordings, and classical music.

TTUSB Driver Windows 10

How do I convert my numagk records? Why can I hear my own voice on my recordings? Sometimes within a song there is a silence before the track has ended. Your turntable or cassette player will need to be plugged in while making these changes to your sound settings. Under Sound Playback Default Devicechoose your sound card. For customers who have already updated to iTunes Click the download link.

numark ttusb software

All it is asking is if you want iTunes to open when you double click on your MP3 files. Apple will automatically detect your Operating System.


numark ttusb software

How can I get additional assistance with my product? If numafk wish to save them in a different location, such as your Desktop for example, here is how.

numark ttusb software

In this case is it best to un-check the box and record the songs manually. Setting up the sound correctly can help resolve many common issues experienced nymark playback. Some instances your recording may only record for 1: The end result is multiple tracks merged into one track in your final recording.

EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter

The ttsub is unable to connect to the audio device. The software may think this is the end of the track, and split the track. In some cases a restart is required for the level to save at 5 or 25 depending on your Windows version. Follow the prompts, and finish the installation.