So, you can always save your custom page and try adding it in your upgraded version and see if it works. I understand what you are trying to accomplish as you used web version to publish your website. I hope everyone find this article Plugin development guide helpful. Thank you for your comments – I am glad the article was helpful to you. I actually need help. We can see our menu item here: You have no items in your shopping cart.

nopcommerce 3.1

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For plugin after upgrading your nopCommerce version, you still have to do following: Do not also forget to checkout our nopCommerce themes and pluginswhich are available for nopCommerce 3.


What’s new in nopCommerce 3.1

Now, we will add a controller for home page like this: Then when the customer selects the value, nopCommerce will know that you are actually buying the product associated with the attribute value.

The best way to understand this is to add several test pages in your nopCommerce project with different names and you will know how it works.

In the first part of this series, Beginner’s Guide to nopCommerce Plugin Developmentwe learned the basics of nopCommerce plugin including how to develop a sample nopcommrece plugin. For the update, please see my comment 7 above. I was just busy with a lot of projects and updating the site, please see: But apparently adding a simple underscore to a folder name causes the routing engine to fail silently no errors, it just redirects to the homepage.


What’s new in nopCommerce

Based out of New York, USA, Lavish Kumar is 31. full stack web developer by profession and founder of Striving Programmers, a trusted community for developers that offers a wealth of articles and forums to assist individuals with improving their software development skills.

Thank you once again.

I actually need help. Written Nopcommerec Lavish Kumar. Hi, I got this error An exception of type ‘System. So the new group and simple products in nopCommerce 3.

In other words if you have a certain dress, which you sell in two different colors: Example of something that works: Hi, Thank you very much for your very quick response. You can also configure payment methods per store as well as shipping rates by weight and dimensions. Can you share screenshots?

nopcommerce 3.1

I understand what you are trying to accomplish as you used web version to publish your website. Hi, Thank you very much for this.

nopcommerce 3.1

I use VS Do note that you need to have the Dynamic Price Update setting set to true in order to have the prices update with each product you choose. Update the View to show this data. Thanks For Your valuable posting, it was 33.1 informative.


Hervemoha, I’ll get back to you by the end of the day today. Thanks Lavish for your answer, I will take a look in this tutorial. Hello Alexandre, Thank you for your feedback: Just to give you an idea.

Steps to add a new custom page in nopCommerce 3.1 (MVC Version)

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Object reference not set to an noppcommerce of an object. What you should be looking for is the Associated Products tab.

nopcommerce 3.1

I’m disappointed that I never got an answer to my question. Thank you for your comments: Any kind of modification including add a new page like this tutorial requires source code.