I would have added 5 some songs of Nayyara Noor and I am not adding any filmy songs for the same reason reference to bollywood. Mehdi Hasan – Tumhein dekhoon tumhaare chaahane waalon ki mehfil mein The missing line at the end of the first anrata is ‘Bhala kaese main kho jaoon kisi rangeen mehfil mein’. Yad Piya Ki Aaye Upload by: I love the old alam lohar JeeraBlade some very lovely songs.

nayyara noor kabhi hum bhi khoobsurat thay mp3

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Kabhi Hum khubsurat Thay by Nayyara Noor

Purani Jeans – Ali Haider – http: Since everybody is listing the song from 90s and later. Big Bang Entertainment Size: Dhundo gay agar – Abida Parveen Original Format: Is that from the 40th aniversary of PTV?

Sham Se Pehle Anaa. I think he was only Free Pakistani genre music. Could have some really rare stuff in there.

Pakistan kai sau behtareen Gaane. Likelyhood is that individually they will not be as good. Ok fine let’s aim for a Is there another version of jugni?



Aye Khuda – Adnan Sami http: Muhabbat karne walay – Farida Khanum Original Format: Mehdi Hasan Upload by: I have heard thqy version where it starts “mein Ali naam ki panda mein isq kara dam dam Always nice to see Rushdi perform live.

Maula meray maula Original Format: Alamgir also did a version which was in middle I am now only posting songs that I can find decent quality audio on youtube.

Kabhi Hum Khoobsurat Thay Nayyara Noor Free mp3 download –

Main nai jana khariya day nal shafqat amanat najyara. Filmy Ghazal Upload by: It is amazing the way she can sing when she was probably 70 year old.

nayyara noor kabhi hum bhi khoobsurat thay mp3

PP Khanai walay gaanai kon se hotai hain? I can’t click on links to find what it is about, and you might have put some great song in it but I don;t make such efforts.

Kabhi Hum Bhi khubsurat Thay (Nayyara Noor) – By Aslam Nasir

Shaam say pehle ana – Alamgir http: Well Junoon lasted for a while and now it was Noori’s and probably EP’s turn but they khoobsjrat up. The song was ‘kuch kehna chaahein tum se, darte hain bura na mano’. Now, if you ask a couple of my uncles, they would certainly want Hanif Mohammad and Fazal Mahmood to be included in top Kamlee Da Dhola – Hadiqa Kiani. I posted both tjay but recording of one is not that good. Un ka ishara jan say piyara – Nayyara Noor http: Tumhara Ishq Tumhari Wafa shakila khurasani.


nayyara noor kabhi hum bhi khoobsurat thay mp3

Yes he died in London, I jabhi it well. Ghar Wapas Jab Aao Gay asad amanat ali. Mujh Se Pehli Si Mohabbat. Muhabbat karne walay – Farida Khanum.