Posted on June 13 by techbuzz report. I would be very, very grateful if you could give me some advice on how to set up all MIDI parameters in both the Minimoog and Live. This proprietary plug- in is installed in your audio software as a Virtual Instrument VST or AudioUnits and will control all of the functions found on the Voyager. This patch now allows you to recall patches from your Voyager. This is my Bank G. Repeat for all banks. Here’s what I wrote to Roel:

moog voyager librarian

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Voyager with Patch Memory Recall 1.

Send Bank B sysex from Sysex librarian to Voyager. Bank A ends up in B and G ends up in A.

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For a far as i know the voyager recognizes the correct sysex files of the right format. When i edit the patch and click the box that reads the location that start with read ” the max windows shows jit. New Operating System V3. Hopefully this gets the patches aligned for you.

moog voyager librarian

None Device Files Device File: Its most important ability is to automate every function of the hardware synth for synchronized playback with your session. Your editing experience or MIDI recording will be noticeably smoother than it was before. Posted on June 13 by techbuzz report. Are you using a Mac or a PC? Here is the Jit. I noticed that if I just leave the Voyager in receive presets mode that whatever the last bank is that gets transmitted is the one that is loaded into that bank.


Mprod, I see what you are vouager.

Moog releases Voyager Editor Librarian –

You first need to unfreeze the max patch in Max and then unlock it so that you can edit this message in that sub patcher. And the other way around, to i need the library manager to put my patches in the max device? Posted on June 12 by Mprod report. The Voyager Sound Editing software is not software instruments and it will produce no sounds unless connected with the Voyage Voyager synthesizer.

You need to put that file locally on your computer and edit the patch internally libraian always look at that location.

Voyager with Patch Memory Recall version by techbuzz on

You can then load them each individually into your Voyager so all the banks line up. Here is the order I had to do things. Getting all your patches from your Voyager into this patch I think you would need the sound tower librarian. Jun 06 Adjusting the timing and the values of all automation data allows you to perfect the performance prior to committing the audio to disk or to use the automation during your live performance.


It outputs the files one at a time. Libarian on February 12 by Surfermax report. HI Moros, thnx for your reply. Moros, That sysex file should be all banks and patches.

moog voyager librarian

This is a addition to the other Voyager m4l patch. I believe that on he Voyager you can choose to receive all banks.

Moog Updates Voyager Editor Librarian To Version 3.0

Posted on June 10 by Mprod report. Lintronics Franziska- Barbara- Str.

Repeat for all banks. I voygaer if you would just export all banks directly from your voyager and send me that file, then i can load that one into mine. Banks G is all Defaults in my Voyager. A in this example to start.