We dont do all the fancy minigames and cumbersome rules. Come to play and give feedback. We offer the experience what other servers arent able to offer. D no ban itemsrn. Because my nephew calls me Joshy, and my uncle calls me Mister. Small kitpvp server in development, but it is up and running so all are welcome to join. Removes the randomness of enchanting, allowing you to choose what enchantments you want.

minecraft mcpvp mod 1.4.2

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No, I never been eaten by a grue.

WR4TH | Beta A | Whitelist | Mature | Small | Feed the Beast

Make Factions, Raid Factions, Buy homes tools and land, fight players and make f riends. Necesitamos jugadores y aceptamos peticiones de los minceraft para ponerle nuevas cosas al servidor: Share This Page Tweet. This is where people start there journey.

minecraft mcpvp mod 1.4.2

This is a fun server. I was banned because the moderator thought that I was hacking on jod occasions, which I was in fact NOT. Wyverns of the deep shadows IP: Most 13 year olds I know are immature so it may be a surprise to you, or not but please consider me and I hope I’m not rejected due to my age.


I think the rules sounds great and I do agree with them. We are glad to welcome you on an extraordinary large map made on worldpainter with many custom biomes. CreepersNoCreeping MorpheusZero Creepers will burn moc the sunlight and flee in the sun to find shade when burning. Read The Full Description: This server gives you the ultimate minecraft experience.

minecraft mcpvp mod 1.4.2

We want our players to have fun and be in a good environment for all members of the server. FuryCraft – Network IP: Log in or Sign up. mox

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I’m just going mcppv go back to mmod shack This server has Ktipvp factions and many other modes donator ranks will be here soon and othere stuff to help the sever will be. Also by clicking on the player in the module, you can report them. This is a fun server, all the staff is f air have fun in here.

A new minecraft server with both faction s and plots. Arefy Network Active IP: The purpose of this server is to provide a simple “vanilla” Factions server for both Newbies and Grandmasters alike.


VeloxicMC was a Faction in another server and grew and became a server itself please help us grow more by inviting people and donating.

This Server is Newww. Need Friendly staff and good builders. They also make a sound when wandering around.

minecraft mcpvp mod 1.4.2

IC2 experimental is unstable, may break worlds and its API may change frequently. Miecraft on high quality dedicated servers and professional staff,we are sure you will have a great time playi.

After 1 year of developing server, we have made perfect prison server. Bounding Box Outline 4poc Outlines component bounding boxes of nether fortresses and kinecraft structures.

We have added a name history function to the player menu! Hawk’s Machinery Discontinued Elusivehawk. Click here to download. Here you have many things to do, even if it is just a pvp server.