This article is closed for comments. From paeans to the flora and fauna dancing in all their verdant glory, to documenting the mysteries of asadh and sravan, the months in the Bengali calendar when the rainy season is at its peak, the poet immortalized the beauty and stillness of the countryside in his vivid imagery. These songs, some composed by our Guru Pandit Arun Bhaduri, great poets and musicians, coupled with Bhajans, provided the backbone to the performances of the evening. How else does a set of notes, employed in a specific combination in a raga, evoke thunder, lightning and rain? Salman-Ameesha’s ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa’ dance at grand premiere is unmissable. Tansen also emphasized the use of andolita swaras, in which one note glides gently into the other, which has become one of the signature phrases of the raga. This was the phrase sung by Sankumay and he was asked to build on the same phrase through different routes.

megh malhar raga on sitar

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Miyan Tansen the honorific was bestowed on him by his regal patron is believed to have introduced this most majestic among the Malhars, named after him, though its parent raga, Malhar, appeared to have predated him. Please Email the Editor.

The youngsters who represent the bright future of Hindustani Classical Music, as well as that of the Academy, gave a good account of themselves at Arpan.

She has been a Guru at the Academy from its inception. There is a quiet deep strength in this Raga. Performed by legendary musicians, such music could even control the elements, as Tansen, one of the nine gems at the court of emperor Akbar, was said to have done.


Support quality journalism ragx Subscribe to The Hindu Digital. A question posed by Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty was,”What is a phrase or why are there even phrases in Ragas? Between M and R there is usage of komal Gandhar which is rendered through meend.

Your session has expired, please login again. The onset of the rain is always accompanied by the rendering of the various Oon in North India.

ITC Sangeet Sammelan at Kolkata – 4th, 5th and 6th December Awash in soft white light, the Victoria Memorial Hall, stood tall and serene amid the greenery that set off its glorious whiteness to perfection.


My Music Room X. Ustad Shahid Parvez concluded his recital with a lilting thumri in raga Bhairavi, which was an exemplary demonstration of the salient features of the gayaki ang in sitar recital.

Traditionally, the Malhars are performed to evoke a range of emotions: Wait for it… Log in to our website to save your bookmarks. My father said he went home, had dinner, and went back to hear the end of the concert, and the duo were still singing meh

megh malhar raga on sitar

And often teach them to look at their music in a new raaga. I actually wait for the monsoons so that I can present Malhars; I love playing them.

Aparajita Lahiri Brahmachari,As a student and devotee of music, I always had an interest regarding the huge variety of Ragas, each of unique in type. I feel ,alhar Malhar is an intellectual Raga as it is between so many Ragas. The Scholars responded enthusiastically, promising animated participation in the event.

Music In Context : VARSHA (Monsoon)

Recommended Video View All. His masterly performance along with that of his son, Ambi Subramaniam, was a fitting tribute to the magnificent ambience of the marvellous monument whose front steps provided the setting for the programme. A list of iconic vocal performances of rarely heard monsoon ragas. But, not infrequently, there are other inputs into the process of learning. The interiors of the auditorium at GD Birla Sabhagar reverberated to the vocal and instrumental strains of the Malhar Ragas.


Nora Fatehi teaches how to ace long denim jackets with her latest look. Musicologists claim he modified it by introducing the komal nishad the minor seventhalong with the familiar shuddha nishad the major seventhinto its structure. Raga Analysis Class – 17th July Aparajita Lahiri Brahmachari,As a student and devotee of music, I always mwgh an interest regarding the huge variety of Ragas, each of unique in type.

megh malhar raga on sitar

Their performance conluded with an exhilarating tarana in Ramkali. I would say my Malhar is like a woven intricately embroidered shawl; each little subtle detail adds to the overall picture, each colour or nuance I add is necessary to complete the final piece or production.

Raag Megh Malhar (or Raag Megh)

His rendition sparkles for his virtuosity, bringing to mind the rumble of thunder and swooshing storms. The iconic Mian Malhar album of my late uncle Ustad Vilayat Khan sahib on sitar and my father Malhr Imrat Khan on the surbahar, recorded in the mid s, comes to mind. He teamed up with his student, a former Scholar of the Academy, Anol Chatterjee, to explore its playful capriciousness.