It can be used to get correct scanlines while keeping the requested aspect ratio. Added option to control strict ROM checking. While they work for a few hours they suddenly only half work. Re-hide the OS navigation bar automatically in case an external task using the volume slider for example causes it to re-appear Android: Tried 3 different ROMs, one worked, the other two experienced this issue where the Sega Logo boots up then freezes.

md.emu 1.5.28 apk

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MD.emu Varies with device APK for Android

You must use the red sync button for a working connection, the LEDs constantly flash, and Classic Controllers don’t work Android: So far so good on all ROMs I own Improved audio sync, fixing drop-outs on certain games MSX: Added menu command to add a shortcut icon for the currently running game to the OS launcher Android: This man is reading my mind and allow me to run my games like I want!

Fixed a possible Wiimote detection issue iOS: The problem is that every time I start to record with the YT Gaming app the screen goes black and won’t show anything until I stop recording. This has the same effect as the other Integer-only setting but applies aspect ratio correction to the image width.


Fixed non-working Joystick Axis 1 as D-Pad setting from 1. Added option to hide the Android 4. Made suspend notifications cancel-able and prevented them from getting stuck if the app was previously killed iOS: Any chance of completing the Genesis trinity in the future?

md.emu 1.5.28 apk

Added iCade support iOS: Re-wrote OpenSL ES sound under-run detection to avoid incorrectly restarting playback until all data is exhausted, should allow more devices to use smaller sound buffers without playback interruptions. Prevented compatibility zoom mode from activating on Android 3. Default to 0 frameskip if refresh rate is 60Hz and running at least Android 3.

Update sound per-line instead of per-frame in Snes9x 1. Fixed crash when using Samsung screen recorder Android: Cool Genesis Emulator for MD 4. Don’t show Vibration option if the device doesn’t support it Android: Added default key profiles for the Nvidia Shield Android: Featured Groups for MD.

The app is ok but it’s rarely updated when it could clearly use a few fixes and features. Game Play is authentic just like I remember when I was 8 when m.emu system came out.

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Added option to control image dithering, always on if using Android 3. Its an awful shame that it looks like Aok has given up, as his work on mmd.emu emulation was exemplary. The emulator he make are all excellent product, are functional from the get go AND are full of little tweaks that make the more hardcore emulation buff please, allow him to customize his game experience. Fixed an issue causing a 30fps cap on the HP Pre3 Version 1. Added a progress bar when loading games using a background thread to access the files, prevents app unresponsive warnings on platforms like Android Version 1.


Save state bug fixes, all previous states should be discarded due to format changes GBC: Fixed some alk alignment issues that could cause crashes Version 1.

11.5.28 He’s clearly put a lot of work I’m a deserves every penny. Fixed missing libsndfile support for. Fixed a DPI override bug from 1.

md.emu 1.5.28 apk

Made on-screen keyboard multi-touch aware Version 1. Save system language GBA: