Max Mobility MAX 8. Jump up to two more times in midair after your initial jump. Eka, not sure what I can use it for. You can test this by disabling your anti-virus and firewall temporarily and run MapleStory. Most Snow Leopard trainers would use the first 2 training method and seldom performing Thunder Dash or Advanced Thunder Dash to leave trail of blue flames originated from Thunder Trail, so these are optional skills. Well, this was my report on beast tamer. I wonder how the sp do.

maplesea bt

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Please answer asap as beast tamer is in 2 days. Passive Effect — Stance Chance: Paw Swipe Boost Final Damage: Most of Beast Tamer Skill bg when you switch Beast, so For active skill or buff skill you put on keyboard will stay the exact place when you change back, so no need worried when you wanted to change form half way battle for support role.

maplesea bt

They would recube with Premium MIracle Cubes and enhancements to boost its potential by alot. Formation Attack Monsters Hit: Deep Breath and Really Deep Breath are just utility skills, not for killing enemies.


TeamVX Free Cracked MapleStory Bizarro Hack Trainer: May

I cant find the activ ones or is it the one where u put everywhere a bit in under it? Wrong image Hyper Skill — Furious Strike.

Eka Glider MAX Sometimes, on some occasion they open on events to bring in more players when server gt less hectic.

maplesea bt

Jump Key hold the key. Bear Assault should be a toggle skill, so that it lines up with other Enrage-type skills. Kitty Treats MAX 5. maplesa

I do not know when Beast Tamer will be out but usually during their first maplesfa date, its when they are reopen back. It boasts over 70 unique skills with 20 malesea them being attack skills. Not sure the reason why they have not release it to the server. Just a heads up for everyone following this guide, try to avoid putting points into Kitty Treats, as it is nothing but a pain and the debuff diminishes the extra health you have every few seconds.

Or all Bear at once? Uses SP, approximately 66 Levels. I have not encountered this issue since my computer spec is kinda high. Tap Attack Key multiple times. Beginner and Common Skills does not require SP but it works similarly to Timeless Equipment where they automatically gain experience through your monster kills.


Hi, Love your site! This is definitely a useful skill IMO but it could be better, If fishy slap was changed to be more like phantom’s tempest 3 lines and move-able I feel it could be a good source of mobility for bear.


Thanks for your corrections! Fishy Slap Boost Final Damage: Skills are unlocked by level instead of job advancement.

maplesea bt

Can be chained into Macho Slam. November edited November in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests. Use Snow Leopard when you can 1 hit kill enemies with your skills OR mallesea enemies are spread out vastly across the maps.

MapleStory Beast Tamer Skill Build Guide

OMG, I did a bit of calculation. Sticky Paws MAX 7. Razor Beak MAX If you have tested, let me know the effect: The SP Skill Points you gained from Level 10 to Level 33 is sufficient for you to max the essential skills as listed above.