Just use this link to download it: A very good and advantageous site. Look at this image: It is worse than downloading it directly from a link. Till now there is no official version of the Shamila to work on handheld devices, but in their website they say they are working on it. The Program Name is AppLocale Brother it is explained in the post above.

maktaba shamila urdu language

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You can download a full version at this link: There is no version for MacBook yet. Do you have version for ipad or apple os? Try looking through the help files of your Windows or on the microsoft support base for how to enable support for unicode programs or support for right-to-left languages. However, what you download shwmila compressed in a zip archive.

I have tried to download the maktaba a few times but unfortunately it is failing every time. It is better than nothing. Extract the content of the zip file. As far as I know it is not yet officially available for Mac.

Then download the latest update at this link: If you want to see the Arabic properly follow the steps in the comment above. I received your comment early but was busy installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine on my Vista to try it myself before answering.


المكتبة الشاملة – Maktabah Shamilah

Salam Dear Admin i have a windows rt 8 how can i install Shamilah library in my pc becoz Shamilah app is not avleble in windws 8 store plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz say what can i do…???

Use a software like this: The official Maktabah Shamila contains around cheh hazar books only but then you can download new books as they are uploaded, so that the library enlarges with time. It has been many months now that the official website of the Shamila has stated that they are working on developing a faster and improved version of the Shamila working universally on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Anwar Hussain This depends on whether the book was typed with tashkeel harakat or not.

Al Maktaba Shamila free download complete software > ISLAMIC MEDIA

If you mean Shamela books just use the official Shamela app that you can download from the App Store. To learn more about this read this page: Do u langage one know how to install shamela in linux?

I need to learn arabic.

maktaba shamila urdu language

Brother, I cannot lxnguage you with a CD of the Shamila. It seems that I need more time to download certain packages so I will give you the suggestion and you try it: You cannot add all types of pdf files to Shamila. Visit that post and you will find that all the books are available as text files in zip packs. If your question is about having difficulty viewing the conents of the library, simply enable support for Arabic in the Language Options in the Control Panel which I pointed to above.


So only one font is used throughout the whole text, and it cannot be possible that you have a different font for different parts of a book. Jazakallah khair for mentioning the software. It depends on the type of the phone. It should work fine on Windows 8.

Maktaba Shamila : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Many attempts have been made to solve this issue, and as a result you have Wine i. The books are in.

maktaba shamila urdu language

There are ready packs on the internet where people have exported each set of books in the Shamila into a zip package of txt files which you can download and read on your device by a txt reader. On the other hand, books that are included yrdu automatic updates are able to be added to the program.

You can get isolated English book from websites like: