Man, get me my copy, quick. Never Change Lovers in the Middle of the Night Here is a guess, most people only know of soul-funk singer Millie Jackson for one album cover. Hardly a masterpiece, Tramp is still the sort of album to please fans and new admirers alike. Get Your Game Up Tight. This page was last edited on 4 September , at

lowell fulsom tramp

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Tramp (Lowell Fulson song) – Wikipedia

Other Lwell, Other Rooms. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. So I talked ’em out of [wearing a Moms Mabley -type] hat; I wore my hat. In Erlewine, Michael ed.

Live at the Whisky a Go Go, Vol. Them kids sat up all night making them jeans, sewing rags and things on ’em.

lowell fulsom tramp

For a song which on an initial hearing seems pretty minimal, it is freighted with social division and Fulson — who sometimes was billed Fulsom or Fullsom — gets away a tasty guitar solo and comes out the winner in the final verse. Loving’s all I know to do.

Lowell Fulson’s “Tramp” was such a near-perfect slice of barbecued funk when it was released in that Otis Redding and Carla Thomas covered it just four months later”. It provided the title track for Fulson’s album and even crossed over into the lower reaches of the pop charts, tra,p Otis Redding recorded it with Carla Thomas for Stax a few weeks later and it went top 10 in the UK.


No Hard Feeling Lowell Fulson.

Lowell Fulson: Tramp () | Elsewhere by Graham Reid

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Despite label owner Jules Bihari ‘s initial dislike, the song was released as a single by Kent Records in You sitting on a gold mine, talking fylsom you want to hear some blues.

The song, because of the funk and beat, was much sampled when it was transfigured into a reggae version The Champ by the Mohawks. Described as “playful” by Dahl, it was released as a single only months after Fulson’s. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. She repeatedly tdamp him a “tramp” from the Georgia woods The Otis Redding Anthology.

The original was also sampled. She’s obviously a gold digger and laments that he couldn’t afford to buy her fine furs and cool cars. Back Door Key Joe Josea.

Tramp (Lowell Fulson song)

Two Way Wishing Joe Josea. Tramp You can call me that I don’t wear continental clothes stetson hats The Best Pop Collaborations from to Goin’ Home Lowell Fulson.


lowell fulsom tramp

Man, get me my copy, quick. And then Otis Redding jumped all over it, which I didn’t mind a bit.

Lowell Fulson: Tramp (1967)

I had a Dobbs hat. Otis and Carla gave “Tramp” their own stamp.

lowell fulsom tramp

Lowell FulsonJimmy McCracklin. Lonely Day Fats Washington. And they [Kent] did, they followed his [Bugs Scruggs] advice because he was a disc jockey. Views Read Edit View history. They tried to make me look as ragged as they could.