Starting with basic definitions, and continuing with discussing the significance of humanitarian logistics among modern supply chains, followed lastly by the presentation of main differences between business and humanitarian logistics. A closed-loop supply chain is taken into consideration and reverse functions of the chain are evaluated with the proposed methodology. Exploring the pursuit of sustainability in reverse supply chains for electronics. This paper aims to draw a framework of circularity in the value chain and to understand how circularity works in it and stimulates organizations to gain competitiveness and sustainability. The interfirm culture and collaboration serve as antecedents to triple bottom line performance. This type of solid waste is growing in all the cities that use cards in urban transport facilities. Marketing and Management Strategy.

logistica reversa patricia guarnieri

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Therefore, specific assets designed to facilitate reuse of scarce metals like the Apple robot Daisy, is a key corporate strategy to secure sustainable performance.

logistica reversa patricia guarnieri

The present paper is regarding the remaining food supply chain. It can contain over highly toxic and potentially hazardous substances to human health and to the environment. Remember me on this computer.

Reverse Logistics

A state-of-the-art literature review. The study subsequently pogistica influences of governance mechanisms and culture on the social, ecological, and economic performance in the supply chain. Another main issue is the transportation and logistics of waste. The circular economy is all about circularity, and execution in the value chain. In addition, the main challenges faced by humanitarian relief organizations are provided and their connection to remaining food food waste.

The purpose of this study is to observe and analyse the association of customers with logistiva Indian food brand by performing sentiment analysis on the twitter feeds.

Big data analytics in supply chain management: The main interest of this chapter is to understand the role of reverse logistics in waste management and to determine the factors that influence logistics decisions and practices for waste management. You’re using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer.


Logística Reversa: em busca do equilíbrio econômico e ambiental

From the results occurred that the participating companies have developed a sense of humanitarian aid and contribute positively to humanitarian logistics. Reverse logistics network problems are accepted as sophisticated research areas in the existing logstica due to difficulties of the prediction of the material flow giarnieri the network and the conflicting objectives of minimizing total cost This model is sustainable in terms of a win-win situation from producers’ and customers’ ends; both are benefited from value proposition to consumption by ensuring economic, social and environmental well-being.

Food waste in Greece: When a brand is revversa introduced it is necessary that it must follow all regulatory norms especially when it is a food product. PMMY is one among those schemes for the development and upliftment of underprivileged. Reverse logistics network problems are accepted as sophisticated research areas in the existing literature due to difficulties of the prediction of the material flow in the network and the conflicting objectives of minimizing total cost and energy consumption while maximizing customer satisfaction and control reveersa the pollution.

Electronic waste e-waste is today the fastest growing solid waste in the world, due to its unique characteristics like planned obsolescence, high technology and a fast growing consumer market. Sentiment analysis will revedsa performed on the collected Twitter feeds.

The model developed was complemented by news articles collected from blogs and the reverse logistics process of different industries.

logistica reversa patricia guarnieri

The study aims to expand the domain of sentiment analysis by including the aspect of reverse logistics and government involvement related aspects than is normally found in the Netnography literature. Evaluating the location of regional return centers in reverse logistics through. Population, airport locations, maritime facilities, railroad lines and highway lines are accepted as the decision criteria.


India has the largest middle class population in the world with most of them guaenieri in agriculture and small-scale business.

Logística Reversa: em busca do equilíbrio econômico e ambiental – Patricia Guarnieri – Google Books

Skip to main content. This fact has brought about the need to apply the reverse logistics concept in a municipal transport company and restructuring of its logistics processes, planning and deploying the reverse logistics system as a complement to internal and external logistics process. Click here to sign up. The study provides empirical insights about how reverrsa food brand is related to customers of India.

logistica reversa patricia guarnieri

Within each category, gaps have been identified. Because of the chosen research approach, the research results may lack generalisability. The easy access to urban transport companies must offer its users the purchase of PVC cards facilitate the purchase and hence the irregular disposal of the product.

It suggests that when a famous brand faces a ban, customers go crazy for it opposing the government, food authority, etc. Considering and applying concepts of Circular Economy sought to better disposal of solid waste transport cards, reducing the impact of this on eeversa environment, since the degradation time of the same can take up to 50 years.

This paper discusses how problems of eco-opportunism in metals markets escalate due to market failures because of increasing scarcity of precious metals.