I inject an EJB using within the webservice root class: The solution consists in adding a reference to the deployed Jersey version in the weblogic descriptor file: Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: In WL12c, Jersey is already deployed by default, so no need to deploy them actually. Thanks, lets try to get this fixed today.

jersey bundle war

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I got the following error:. Product, and Java type class services. Also, I just tried to include my web. Jersey should live in: Asked 6 years, 5 months ago. Rok, Sorry for the late reply.

Maven Repository: » jersey-bundle »

So let quickly create a hello world service so we can test things out: Unfortunately that covers a multitude of sins. Display Name is missing Display Name is missing 5, 3 3 gold badges 27 27 bumdle badges 40 40 bronze badges.

The default configuration class that scans the entire classpath doesn’t work on weblogic. Also, I tried to put more server log detail in line here, but it wasn’t allowed. Which packages do I put here? Mapped exception to response: I may have failed to mention that This web app deploys and runs fine on tomcat6, in the identical state.


The only thing I can suggest is to drop me an email with an example project and war that fails to deploy. Right no time left to play today, back jeesey fixing bugs.

jersey bundle war

You can download the latest at: Instead you can create a “weblogic. If i am deploying the application to weblogic using eclipse, then its workign fine.

These files are containing the class

Update 11th of March ‘ Otherwise you get a method not found error when the service deploys. Sign up using Email and Password.

jersey bundle war

Email Required, but never shown. Hi, I am on wls Ok I found the reason: But now i am getting this error com. In the project you want to create you RESTful services in you need to 1.5.1 a web.

I have a TODO to tidy up this post, will bundlf to get around to it in a few days. I have faced the same Issue and resolved after adding Jersey Bundle jar into to class path.


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Make sure you mark the library as “Deploy Always”. Have you “deployed” the jersey jar to your server?

jersey bundle war

My email addr is gerard. You should now be able to deploy the service and test using a URL such as “http: Post as a guest Name. This has the advantage of only affecting the.