First, let’s define some terms. In fact, if you attempted to merge two or more HelpSets with indexes, you quickly realized that the result was unusable because the index entries were concatenated, rather than sorted alphabetically. These can be set up as User Variables or System Variables. It’s written in Java, is built for JavaHelp only and it allows you to build for 1. You will need to download some resources from the Sun and Oracle sites. This documentation is clearly geared towards the Java programmers and Web engineers tasked with implementing server-based Help systems.

javahelp 1.1.3

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The two windows are easily docked if that is the user preference. Table 1 shown below provides an overview of the JavaHelp2. Is it a “show-stopper” or a “nice-to-have,” or somewhere in between? Under “system Variables” click on the “New” button. The following topics are also javxhelp in a comparison between 1. Most of the people who were absolutely begging for JavaHelp support were completely underwhelmed with the format once they were actually able to generate it.

B When I was running the RoboHelp program we spent a HUGE amount of time and money supporting both JavaHelp and Oracle Help only to find that a super small percentage of the customer base as in less than three percent used either format. This content is also rendered in Internet Explorer in Figure 22 below. Everything covered in this topic is based on selecting the JavaHelp 2.


Installing JavaHelp and Oracle Help Components

Look for further announcements from the tool vendors over the next several months. User selects a folder ‘heading’ with child topics.

javahelp 1.1.3

The following merge types are defined:. Go to the end of the current path string and add the following notice the semicolon separator. Sun makes specific reference to adding “Environment Variables” on your computer in order to allow programs, such as RoboHelp, to generate JavaHelp or OracleHelp.

Sun is looking for your feedback.

javahelp 1.1.3

In this case, the “Release Information” folder does display a corresponding topic when selected. This display is accessible from the View menu of the “newmerge” demo.

MS HTML, JavaHelp and Oracle Help Layouts

Praful Jain responded with this: These external links also assume javwhelp user has Internet access a fairly safe assumption, though not a guarantee. For the production of the topics, the index and the contents, I have written this topic assuming you are going to use RoboHelp but you can use other tools, you will need to amend the procedures. However, JavaHelp is an old format so you may still find it useful.

The initial version of JavaHelp, version 1. Javahlp course, the formal 2. Speak to your IT people before installing any software.

Javahelp Basics

Like compressed javahelp, it is viewed through a javahelp viewer which we will cover later. While helpful in theory, in practice this is not recommended because the JEditorPane Swing component which actually displays the help content does not support HTML 4.


From Vaporware to the 2.

To see the actual server-based help running, ensure that your Jakarta Tomcat server is running, and then enter the following URL in a browser:. Identical in terms of file names, with the exception of the. javabelp

javahelp 1.1.3

I have to use the Sun Viewer and one thing I had to mess with is any text that I made bold appeared to have extra spaces around it. I later discovered that the user must right-click within the navigation pane not the content pane when the desired topic is displayed.

Includes all the same HelpSet demos as 1. At one point in an early release, JavaHelp was packaged with an “InstallAnywhere” installation wizard, but Sun later abandoned it because of JDK incompatibility issues.

Verify that the location of the output folder is correct, click Next until you reachJavaHelpOptions, click the checkbox for Full-text search, and then click Save. This does not mean that JavaHelp will not run on other platforms; it simply means that it has not been tested on other platforms. In my testing, the rendering improved when I upgraded to the 1.