Tell me your baseband version? Try re-creating iOS 4. I was hoping that you could help me too. Restore stock iPhone OS 3. Do you rely on an unlock? There is no need to use Sn0wbreeze as your baseband is already updated.

ireb rc7 for windows

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To check if you have got ideb 4. I followed the instructions for iREB perfectly, but I keep getting error 20! I am trying to restore my custom firmware which should be the final step of jailbreaking and to my surprise, when it seemed to finish restoring, the device is still in DFU mode and same instruction appeared on iTunes which asking me to restore the device.

Then using Redsnow to start the phone. Let me know what happens. What do you think I should do? Is there a way i can start the phone without using redsnow to start the phone? You will see that a jailbreaking device should be regarded as an unlimited source for extraordinary apps and tweaks, not as a complicated device.


ireb rc7 for windows

I have an iPhone 3GS with 4. Try re-creating iOS 4. I think you are on right-track. Your iTunes can not connect to Winndows Servers due to some reason. For example, as some users have complained about, iTunes occasionally gives a couple of errors when trying to install custom firmware. Open Itunes shift restore with 4,3,3 custom firmware. Did this issue prevail right before your restore? I switch it off. Using Ired to get pwned DFU mode.

Cause the reason i restore to original is because once the phone is off, i cant switch it back on even if i use redsnow to start up. Restart your PC and then reconnect your iPhone.

Why not build custom IPSWs yourself?

Download iREB Vx/ for Windows to Fix iTunes Errors While iOS Firmware Restore

I have jailbroken 3. It displays the incompatible message for all of them.

I just got an iphone 4 4. Error confirms that you do not have an SHSH blob saved for that particular version to which your trying to restore to. Download the DLL from here http: In order to make things even clearer, let me tell you a couple of things about iREB. You can use F0recast tool. O Hahaha Thank you so much!!!!


iREB R7 Download for Windows

Now, the latest version called iREB R7 brings multiple new improvements and support for the iTunes error fixes. Launch the application and choose the Online mode, which requires an internet connection.

Thank you soooooo very much. Just curious because I spent so much time trying to fix it myself.

ireb rc7 for windows

I tried fixrecovery but stuck apple logo. I was trying to build the custom 4. Can I use Ireb 4 to by pass this error seeing I windwos used redsnow to jailbreak it. That should get you out of the DFU loop.