Maybe you were using the API that was only accurate to “planet”?? Lola, I think it would definitely be good to, at the very least, default to some sort of search parameters. I guess where ever they get their updates from also has the problem also. I do want to warn that the lookup can be highly inaccurate at times. Also, if you register with them they have analytics tools which they claim compare favorably with Google I haven’t tried them yet myself. Tony Garcia Sep 29, at

ipinfodb database

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If you can get the lat and long from an IP table, even without the city data then you may want to then use something like this to check for the nearest city of Javascript is an optio n – Finding nearest listed array? Retrieved from ” https: In this step by step guide we will install that version and integrate it with Drupal 7 Panopoly distro site using Search API module.

ipinfodb database

I have to image that will always be the same no matter where I actually am in the world. The system is not updated regularly. The latter is free, whereas Ip2Location is not.


ipinfodb database

I can see how useful this could be. Pmpr Pmpr 11k 9 9 gold badges 53 53 silver badges 79 79 bronze badges.


This is the binary database of IP2Location. Not free but it’s really inexpensive. But the REAL benefit comes when we need to join. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

ipinfodb database

When performing a resolution, a string IP address is converted into a 64 bit integer and then used in searching the table. We went from 16, milliseconds to — over 60x the performance! Ip2LocationSmall iploc ON iploc. Home Archive Subscribe Log in. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: IPInfoDB’s remains the same. Post as a guest Name. Brad Roberts Sep 30, at 3: Any good idea would be really appreciated.

If it’s Sunday you can see it in action: Ed Sep 30, at This is all just theory, of course.

I have given it a go in the past and it went something like this Obtain a database of IP addresses, plus cities and countries http: Related posts Increasing Website Performance As developers, we often spend most of our time planning a database strategy, optimizing algorithms, Ed, Cool stuff – looks like there were even more options than I found on Google. This removes the timezone information from the response; but, it also puts less stress on the API and since it’s a free service, we’re trying to be nice.


As far as donations, I’d be more than happy to help out.

php – Reliable city level Geo-IP, free local database – Stack Overflow

Tag cloud home apimash apps asp. Maybe you were using the API that was only accurate to “planet”?? Running the above code gives us the following Google map output:. Ben Nadel Sep 30, at 2: An error occured while Parsing an XML document.

So, for example, when we use Google Maps, we are often geocoding addresses; that is, we are getting latitude and longitude values based on street address ex. Or am I missing something obvious?