This is a maintenance release which fixes a number of minor issues and adds the ability to control Email Notification per installed application. We’re proud to announce Installatron Server 3. Typically new install information is emailed directly to the install owner. Clef is a mobile app that replaces usernames and passwords, enabling users to log in easily with their smartphones. PyroCMS is an open source content management application. The team at Installatron wants to offer you and yours our best wishes for a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year. TYPO3 was initially released in and today powers over , websites.

installatron plugin

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This is not the best solution to prevent WordPress logins from being bruteforced. As for other uses, it will be interesting to watch developments. Purchase and renewal prices are reduced relative to the number of licensed servers. Deploying a Web Application Firewall WAF can specifically target this traffic and provide a generally superior solution to installatorn same problem.

Under the new model, we no longer require bulk purchases to receive a discount; instead, discounts are now based on the total number of active licenses owned at the time of purchase and renewal.


Installatron Automation API and Install Automation Guide

Web standards are followed to present a user-interface that even the most inexperienced website owner will find intuitive. The freshly-released Plesk 9.

Chamilo is an open source e-learning and course management application. Jun 29 e 2. Ability to edit installed app login installxtron password, name, email, and other values. This is a maintenance and security release that fixes a range of minor problems including multiple security issues discovered as part of an internal security audit.

What is included?

Documentation and sample billing system modules are available to jump start integration. Typo3 Installatron Plugin 8. CMS Made Simple is an open source content management application. Testing has successfully concluded for the cPanel Enkompass 2.

Form Tools is an open source web form management application. Lifetime licenses provide an incredible value due to the fact they’re only ever paid once; there are no renewal fees for support or updates and all future versions are included. Previously, only available apps could be configured per group.

installatron plugin

Noah’s Classifieds has been added to Installatron. Revive Adserver Installatron Plugin 9. Happy holidays from the team at Installatron!

Download and Install Installatron Plugin for Webmin/Virtualmin

Lifetime licenses are a one-time insstallatron fee and include free support and updates for the entire life of the product. Ability to clone installed apps.


installatron plugin

FrontAccounting is an open source accounting application for small and medium businesses. Over a decade of experience.

installatron plugin

Many improvements have been introduced to the Installatron Account portal. Clients with old custom contracts may choose to continue to purchase those licenses. TomatoCart is an open source e-commerce shopping cart application. See Installatron Requirements for a full list of supported software.

WebCalendar instxllatron, the powerful calendar software, has inztallatron added to Installatron’s installer system. Everything from time-saving multi-select tools to a full reseller-level control panel and the ability to clone installed applications.

Open a sales ticket or email sales installatron. Rest assured the Installatron team and full documentation is just a click away. Oxwall Installatron Plugin 7. These licenses can be renewed additional months or years at any time.