At that time, her name was mentioned in rock and jazz music, she performed on every major blues and soul ensemble, received many awards and was proclaimed the best female vocal in Yugoslavia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was a huge hit and perhaps best-known croatian pulp fiction book, but its success also forced Zagorka to continue her soap opera forever, eventually finishing with seven books that are clearly hard to edit for a theatre stage. At the beginning of the s, she performed at various festivals and won many musical awards. Fortunately, Christmas holiday season offers an ideal opportunity for making a conscious effort to open our hearts towards the youngest among all the needy and by coming together through music make our contribution to a happier and altogether better world, making our own selves feeling better and more useful at the same time. Audience was very enthusiastic because of success of “Gubec beg” and even this musical was popular,although not as half as previous one. Tereza Kesovija has built her international career at festivals ranging from Bratislava to Rio de Janeiro, through Mexico, Sopot, and Antalya.

gricka vjestica rock opera

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She attended music school and studied singing. Home Search Services Collections Library. Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

vjsstica Inshe once again got the opportunity to show her talent as an actress and imitator in her one-hour show on Croatian Radiotelevision titled “I to sam ja” [And That is Me]. ZagrebIndependent State of Croatia. Add priests singing in latin and it’s all a mess.

Inshe released studio album Frkapublished by Jugoton. It was then that she became aware of her talent for jazz, soul, and blues. The concert will be given by Joe Meixner, Croatia-born world-renowned pianist based in Austria, who will be joined by the Croatian singer Miro Ungar. About the Festival The mission of the festival of film vjestiica ISFMF is the promotion and preservation of film music as an irreplaceable element of cinematography which is a great art itself.


Afterward, she received the invitation of famous director Damir Zlatar Frey to perform in Slovene’s permanent audience in Trieste in as the main character in the rock opera “Princess of Grain Beans” [Princessa na zrnu graha].

Gricka vjestica (Rock opera)

Although every human has a natural leaning towards helping his or her fellow human beings, the demands of our everyday lives distract us from being there for others and we often end up neglecting even the needs of our closest ones, let alone the needs of those who we do vjestixa know.

She has released the compact discs: Duringshe toured throughout the Soviet Gjestica. This success marked her return to the Croatian music scene and announced the beginning of her solo career.

gricka vjestica rock opera

The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book. The rest of the cast comes from “Komedija” theatre and they are fine,though hardly anybody got enough space to shine.

gricka vjestica rock opera

At the age of 19, she enrolled in the foreign trade study on her parents wish, but she never graduated due to the lack of interest. He also composes music for television and theater. She collaborated with some of the most famous composers in ex Yugoslavia: As a singer, for more than four decades, she has appeared and has been awarded at all the major national Yugoslavian festivals.

She had the greatest theater success with the musical “S ljubavlju, Janis” [With Love, Janis] which premiered on 25 October Let us all show at least some of that same determination in doing our part to help make it happen.


Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Generally speaking, legendary enthusiasm has always helped her to deal smoothly with most of the concert activities and recording projects she was involved in.

At that time, her name was mentioned in rock and jazz music, she performed on every major blues and soul ensemble, received many awards and was proclaimed the best female vocal in Yugoslavia.

voyager’s world: Grička vještica rock-opera ()

Subscribe to our Mailing List Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Gigs Tix network has over 50 ticket sales points in over 23 cities in Montenegro. She regularly sang at festivals across then Yugoslavia — singing the Kud Plovi Oovaj Brod song at the peak of her international career at the Split Festival Inthe French record company Barkley offered her a record deal, which she turned down, not wanting to accept conditions that would require her to modify her style.

gricka vjestica rock opera

Inshe founded the rhythm, blues, rock, and soul band Zdenka Expresswith whom she performed the opdra “Hallo, Mr. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


She still prefers club sessions, viestica performs very often in front of big audiences in arenas, concert halls and stadiums. She started a career as a child at the Zagreb Youth Theater where she sang and danced. Although known as a jazz virtuoso, his passion for the piano made him go beyond the limits of any of the firmly established musical traditions and create his own unique artistic style.