Karin tried to enlist the Earth Tribe into her group, but failed, causing the Earth Tribe to fight together with the Flame Tribe. He is the calm-and-collected pole of the tribe, a shy but caring and compassionate person who deeply loves his sister. He may seem distant and cold but is loyal and compassionate and if required, a fierce fighter. Emiko Saito Sazer Dail: He enjoys having his powers and playing around with them, always up for a challenge. Each ChouSeiShin has two modes, which can be switched between with a simple transformation. The Chouseishin arrive, and Daisazer finishes the clone off.

gransazer episode 6

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Prior to the final battle, Cloud Dragon formally introduces herself to the GranSazers before telling them they have the answer to stop the attack on Earth. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Having helped Professor Horiguchi with his research, she was the first Sazer to be awakened. Guntras is armed with an array of deadly weapons, among them a laser battery on his chest, a cannon on his forehead and missile launchers on his body.

He developed a crush on Ryoko. GranSazer is composed by 12 members split amongst four elements. Chousei Kantai Sazer-X the Movie: Mizu no Senshi Rise! Sazer-Velsou’s second attack is the “Velsou Illusion”, a psychokinetic attack that disables her enemies.


Chouseishin Gransazer Episode 6

Under her personal training, Tappei has now become a freedom fighter. He is a doctor. Afterwards, Logia used it as a mode of transport.

After having been completed as tribe and awakened their ChouSeiShin, Leviathan, they joined the other Sazers.

gransazer episode 6

The suits of the Epidode Tribe are based on sea animals and have shades of blue, piloting the Aqua-Driver Grand Vehicles. He performs his finishing move, “Gravity Burst”, with them. In Warrior Mode, Garuda mostly relies on the ‘Garu Claw’, which are his talons on the back of his fists, for close-range combat.

Tokufanatic: Chouseishin gransazer(completed)

As the fleet gets closer, the Japanese army and the Gransazers are contacted by Brighton, a “peaceful” envoy of Wolf Manafu, who tells them that Ran is actually a Bosquito. But when Ran’s power as the Communication are finally invoked and contacted to Warp Monarch’s will, Belzeus’ plans are revealed as Warp Moncarh allows the Gransazers to destroy both Cabryon and the Garban mothership.

Ryo Koseki Aya Stacy Despite her seemingly carefree nature, she can be very serious and devoted and can episodf into the Crystal Slab, eventually revealing the gransaze story behind the Ancient War.

Dailogian is Logia’s personal mecha. Yu Shinzaki Omega They are graneazer destroyed by Gransazers, Justirisers and Sazer-X but quickly absorbed into the phantom ship so that it would form into Mammoth-Bosquito dragon.

gransazer episode 6

Karin tried to enlist the Earth Tribe into her group, but failed, causing the Earth Tribe to fight together with the Flame Tribe. Often he is not to be found, for Naoto constantly seeks to become stronger and better, not just independently but in total isolation, despite the fact that he already is a powerhouse. Later, while the others destroy Algol, Tarious goes after Brighton as the Garban pretends to beg for his life so he can kill Tarious with his guard down, only to be shot by Logia.


She is the youngest GranSazer. Subtly, she built a relationship with Akira that ensured his loyalty to even further tie him to her. The Gransazers happily fail his project and the control system is destroyed, making Guntras autonomous.

gransazer episode 6

Garuda can also summon a sword called Burning Saber for armed melee combat. Its finishing attack is called “Blink Shot”, which is a strong blast.

Ryuta Izumi Impactor’s Superior: But when Algol fails, Brighton reveals his true colors as Troius sneak attacks the city. He fell in love with scientist Aya Stacy.

He often shows up just in time to level the odds. It first fought with Daisazer and was defeated when Daisazer ripped off its arm.