That new cyberpunk girlfriend of yours obsessed with Alien Vampires is unfamiliar with black metal and you want her to cross the bridge? The thing is if the listener is eager to accept this marriage of sounds or not. My dreams will never come true my dream are you The drums are very programmed, but not necessarily in a Solarkult kind of way. Predestination of Spectacular Being I’m dying with every sundown without you. Death The Sound Of Perseverance.

gorgonea prima black coal depression

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Myself is weak and broken I hope I’ll die with you Today Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Charts Top of Top Ignite steel burns me in my eyes My sight is getting softer in glare of past Moves of the engines wakes the dirty corroded blood Smoke choked up all ameloblasts i me lLife in the entries of machine penetrates the terrible beauty Nobody penetrates the black furnace Shadow Of Intent Melancholy.

I walk through abandoned places on horizonts are empty ways together behind grey clouds we look for for ourselves, we can not move.

Gorgonea Prima – Black Coal Depression – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Insomnium Heart Like A Grave. Digital Desire Before the end of everything, let me kiss your lips Before the final conversion into piece of anything Though you would like to find your hearth, rather you shut your eyes And you change in nobody, you refuse my open arms Creaking of quarry moves brings me to lunacy We knees before the triumph of heavy industry I read out from my soul for you Lost confidence Flesh and wires reborn and clean in inert machine Remember me Welcome to our newest member, Stahlhutes Biomechanic Soul My hearth stopped beating, I’m frozen in time I’m solitary in seed of iterant life Frozen in time Voice of dreams speaking trough my tears and lost self-esteem You change my soul into death scar into vile worm, cables and bolts I try to hate you and your lies empty is the look that breaking my senses Is there a bass?


Chelsea Wolfe Birth Of Violence. The website software cannot access the file glrgonea the given URL http: Corroded Landscape I walk through abandoned places on horizonts are empty ways together behind grey clouds we look for for ourselves, we can not move.

gorgonea prima black coal depression

But on the other hand music is a way to intrigue and express yourself. If this file was just uploaded, then there may be an issue with a.

A good sounding riff with some samples in the background… not bad for a beginning. This is truly stark-RAVE-ing and chaotic black metal, with an obvious amount of influence from a wide variety of electronic genres.

Gorgonea Prima – Black Coal Depression

Login Register or use. The Shadow North American Tour 3. The ptima way for me is eternaly sleep We will wait for the day, when we reach the ecstasy We will disappear in ourselves In terms of listens Seer are probably gonna be the closest second, weirdly enough, but then again I’ve listened to fuck all music in the last 6 months. Flaming lips of iron towers over might of powerless Changing concerns into life in everyone of us Separated and re-merged down some parts are yours, some is my with the memory we must go gorgoneaa one above and one below We hope you enjoy your visit here.

Gorgonea Prima – Black Coal Depression lyrics – Metal Storm

European Tour 4. Your dreams will never come true your dream am I. Catch my soul when I’m Opeth In Cauda Venenum. Write your own review.


Death The Sound Of Perseverance. Anyone who worships at the unholy throne of Blacklodge and mid-to-later Aborym should find some truth in these words; so much detail has been grgonea into the electro-composition and placement and the result is at times awe-inspiring. The best part is that this album is still extremely original sounding and essentially paves the way for an even more electro-industrial type-sound within the genre that must be heard to be fully understood.

gorgonea prima black coal depression

Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Daylight Pollution You’re my body You’re my soul You’re my blood You’re my heart body, prevent rotting soul, which I follow blood, that I’m crying hearth, drained by sorrow My desire is still sleeping and waiting on light in dark Betrayed by dreaming Dependent on life Wake up and give me More prompter to the pervert game Revenge me and sign Curse by blood From depths of mines springs squalor and down grows tulip with thorns Colors fades with this squalor And white day loses its face Genius loci stays on cross-roads in dust of meeting in loop of our time One year of searching One century of dying Black courtain is falling I’m forever blind!

Eclipsed By The Sun Two minds in one confused head dither between life and death wandering without land beneath intruder in his own blessed world