Enjoy and post your comments. July 18, in Uncategorized. This is due to poor running by Natraj while Narayanan was at lightning speed. Fittingly it was Bhasker who was batting who scored 8 of the first 5 balls. The ball went so high that Karthik could have completed two runs, but was very anxious and was ball watching rather than running. With 8 men India were able to do this, a fully fit 11 can make England run for their money.

gajirare song

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Usually bowled by most of our members!!!

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. This term is sont employed by a batsman who has failed in a match, when a friend asks him how many runs he has scored.

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Thoughts on the series?? Karthik skied one of his shot and SK failed to judge the catch. Balaji bowled a full length in-cutter to remove the middle stump on the last ball.

gajirare song

Kanna — from next time include Goal statistics as well. Mookku mele gajirwre, on top of your nose: The gajirate way to start the match is to give them put into bat. This site uses cookies. There were many firsts during this last match and the first of the firsts was the Toss.


Here are some samples:. With 8 men India were able to do this, a fully fit 11 can make England run for their money. We will round up the statistics again at the end of the season with full analysis and pictures etc.

gajirare song

Poi of course means a lie or falsehood, and this term denotes lack of spin or fictitious spin. Join 22 other followers Sign me up!

GAJI was somg even in professional cricket long time ago!!!!!!! We have posted a small video cliphowever will post a lengthier video highlights of the match in the coming days.

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Balaji was lethal in his batting — scored almost of all the balls — a couple of dot balls only in his batting. First Video Post Posted: Prakash had scored a few runs after that drop — could have gone either way if he had taken up the catch. The second first of the match is the video recording. Stay updated via RSS. The difference was the weather and gajlrare India got the gajiraee weather as London, our pitches will also be called sportive pitches.


This sng due to poor running by Natraj while Narayanan was at lightning speed. The third first of the match is that it ended up in a tie for the first time this season. Same as above, made famous by a stonewaller called Dhanakoti.

gajirare song

Literally means mango, a colourful term for chucking or throwing by a bowler. Thanks sonh Narayanan who had brought his High Def. Kathi illatti namma crickete velayada mudiyadu pa!


I would think fitness is the key to win this series. July 26, in Test Cricket Tags: We at Dipro strongly condemn this action by OC — an official warning has been issued to Natraj, Narayanan, Basheer and Sampath who were party to this decision. A variation is poi bowler. A runner who runs for an injured batsman, usually refused permission by the fielding captain.