When a flowchart symbol is selected from the toolbar and placed on the main screen, a ‘prompt box’ appears, which only allows appropriate instructions to be chosen for that symbol. About Us Customer Service. The House Alarm has an opening window and pressure mat used to trigger the light and buzzer of the alarm. Flowol 2 can run up to 20 flowcharts simultaneously, each controlling a different event. In addition, Flowol can sense using analogue inputs and store the information on a graph and there are 3 on screen simulations or mimics to control.

flowol 2 mimic

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Flowol 2/3/4 site license -> RMS Flowol upgrade

Use the prompts to select Start. This is now set to measure momic in degrees Centigrade using sensor 1, and light in percentage using sensor 2.

flowol 2 mimic

Auth with social network: This will bring up a menu showing the choices. There are 2 ways that you can use sensors with Flowol 2 software.

Screen shot and annotate. Now click on Run on the tool bar. You can use mimmic to keep count. Using a sensor and interface. Latest updates on everything Flowol 2 Mimic Software related. Open a PowerPoint Project and select the slide on which you wish to place a button. Tick ‘Show Labels’ and OK.


flowol mimics

Open the ‘Big Wheel’ mimic from the mimic menu in Flowol. This robot has 4 inputs across its chest. The solutions can be ‘modelled’ by testing them in a simulation mode on the ‘mimics’. A jimic keypad is available to set and turn off the system. Students develop the flowchart for various carnival rides to make them run successfully.

flowol 2 mimic

No specific info about version 1. Software like Flowol Flowol and CoCo2 Matrix Multimedia have on-screen mimics which will respond to commands and procedures created in the software. Throughout these lessons you will be guided on how to develop Flowol problems.

Flowol 2/3/4 site license -> RMS Flowol upgrade

Cover Task – Flowol. We use subroutines when we want to repeat something often. You have no items in your shopping cart. To make a subroutine, drag an oval symbol like the start and stop symbols and click ‘Sub’.

The lines are drawn by clicking from one symbol to the next. Flowol Model Pack Mimics, free download. I have some PC. This item is fpowol upgrade of an existing Flowol 2 or Flowol 3 site-license to Flowol 4.


Input 4 will come on when one of the chairs is moved into the right position for people to get on and off. There are worksheets and solutions with each mimic and a short video showing the ride. They will refine their solutions using subroutines and variables.

Share buttons are flowoll little bit lower. The program also comes with a tutorial that enables you to easily. You have no items in your shopping cart. Click on the picture to see this happen. Load up Flowol and continue working on the Flowol mimics we started last lesson.