See also the Frequently Asked Questions section and the Function by category section to learn more about this toolbox. Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier. When I run efmenu install, I get the following error: P Jop 25 Jul Massimo Massimo view profile. In the interactive mode, a new menu is added to your figure window to easily fit your data with predefined or user-defined fits.

ezyfit matlab

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ezyfit matlab

However, for usual curve fitting of 1D data, you may find the first solution rather limited, the second one a little complicated, and the third one quite expensive That would be superb. One can set background colors and everything else in ‘bordertext’ too.

See also the Frequently Asked Questions section and the Function by category section to learn more about this toolbox. In this activity, trainees program using MATLAB to compare the fit of a number of designs to a speculative information set.

Following Olaf’s sugegstions, some of the problems are solved efmenu in figurehowever still cannot do fit, returned error: Sci 19 Feb Amirhossein Rahimi Amirhossein Rahimi view profile.


Clemens Listner Clemens Listner view profile. Trainees are welcome to make use of any set of regimens for curve fitting as long as the requirements for reporting outcomes, recognized in this and other Junior Lab files, are fulfilled.

Curve Fitting Using Matlab

The top right would be better. Save and exit the file.

ezyfit matlab

Also fixed line The command-line functions e. Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location. Locate the line “if get 0,’CurrentFigure’ ” normally around line 95 3.

EzyFit – A free curve fitting toolbox for Matlab

The positioning is relative to each axis. Hi, the ezyfit menu does not show up on the Figure menu. Jonathan Jonathan view profile.

Shahbaz Alvi Shahbaz Alvi view profile. Rica Rica view profile. The box has the custom equation I am using and the fit variables. First plot some sample data by typing plotsample. Rb doesn’t have the start button anymore. David Staedter David Staedter view profile. James, I have the same issue when i try to install Ezyfit to Matlab Ra. Dear Amanda T, Of course you can move the equation box where you want in the figure: What is the new definition? I have 70 sets of these. Has anyone figured out how to remove the toolbox from the GUI figures?


Jonas Semoi 29 Mar I was struggling to fit a smooth curve for amplitude analysis of seismic data. If multiple curves are present in the figure, first select the one you want to fit, and then choose Show Fit.

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The function showfit simply calls the function ezfit for the active curve, using the “Data Brushing” tool of Matlab available since version 7.

Dave Robinson Dave Robinson view profile. If you upgrade Matlab and you want to use your previous Ezyfit installation, you just have to follow the steps