Meanwhile, the ending theme, ” Iolite “, will be provided by joy, a 5-member pop-rock group. Stop fighting, Ao and Naru. These are three new IFOs that have not been revealed so far, but the chances of them belonging to Team Harlequin are big. Write the following word: First Impressions of Eureka Seven: Random call back to earlier in the series: Fuck I hate this.

eureka seven ao bravblue

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It is revealed that she is actually the daughter of the company president, Christophe Blanc, who she shares an estranged eurrka with due to the death of her mother.

I just watched the first episode of Eureka SeveN: Not enough character development. This episode shows the Scubs hitting a space ship in the future timeline and growing on earth there. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And his manipulation of others feels very weak, making everyone that falls for it, look incredibly stupid.

eureka seven ao bravblue

I get the impression that Naru and Euteka would have known each other before Eureka left. Elena’s darker skin, pink hair and purple eyes doesn’t seem to eugeka with the theory of her being Ao’s sister. AO anime Nirvash mecha mine. Random call back to earlier in the series: Even though this mecha does not have the same physical attributes as Spec-V, it obviously has the staff and the flying orbs.


Joe Animated July 20, at Removed due to copyright. And so it continues. Still, Nakamura was so swarmy, I really, really wanted to watch him die.

eureka seven: ao on Tumblr

Anonymous July 21, at I would still recommend it to watch after the original. If they are removed and you still want to watch them, just give me a shout in a way that fits you. Why is it near the Brvablue Coral? It was revealed that she has Scub Coral in her eurea, which caused her to have breathing problems. But I’m totally loving these precious moments in Ao that are the direct resonance of Eureka Seven, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia during the falling from the sky scene.

Does this mean there are two Truth, one in humanoid and one in Secret form? Oh, wait, Truth and magic.

FLOW and joy to provide new theme songs for anime, ‘Eureka Seven AO’

The Nirvash in the original series did not have those. Notify me of new posts via email.


eureka seven ao bravblue

The sloth and Dewey do turn their heads at the same time, though! Cancel reply Enter your comment here This is a true continuation of the story told from the stand point of the Children. And for some reason, I get the feeling they are up to no good.

My life is becoming tragic. When you click on the wrong tab. Truth is back in his old form?

J-Pop, if you want to. Has she accepted that she is not human…? As soon as I saw the main characters, my mouth which usually expressed a stern expression transformed into a smile of amusement from ear to ear as the potential of the series peaked my interest. This comes off as so silly to me, that I cannot help but feel like there is something genuinely wrong with it.