Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 3 , Also Scalco et al. In fact, comparing the cell dimensions among different substrata, it was found that they were significantly greater in the water column populations than in epiphytic ones Table 7C. After, zygotes enlarged in size developing orange accumulation bodies, and large thin-walled cysts are formed. Comparing the percent abundance of pellicle cysts through the four tests, significantly high values were recorded in CTRL Ho 0. Report 3 out of 38 achievements hours played. Marine Environmental Research 72 4 ,

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Sometimes, fragments of old theca were found over the wall. Notes on Ostreopsis sp.

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Toxic Phytoplankton Blooms in the Sea. The life cycle of Gyrodinium instriatum Dinophyceae in culture. Nordic Journal of Botany 24 6 N smooth wall, O cingulum outline arrow is visible.

Moreover, the bigger size of resuspended cells could be explained considering that these adjaw high turbulence, which have an important role in affecting cell dimensions Sullivan and Swift, ; Berdalet et al. Aligizaki and Nikolaidis and Selina and Orlova observed cells with the reddish bodies mainly at the end of bloom, while in our experiments their presence was fairly constant over time.


An emerging risk in the Canary Islands Spain. Reef and Rainforest Centre Ltd, Cairns, p. They also can be found as a free-living in plankton Faust and Morton, ; Tognetto et al. Other environmental factors affecting cyst germination in algae were investigated by several authors, but little is still known on their influence.

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Cysts were separated from sediment by differential centrifugation, using an aqueous solution of sodium polytungstate SPTfollowing the Bolch method. All flasks were maintained up to 5 months. The toxic benthic dinoflagellate Ostreopsis ovata: Behind the apparent increases in their distributions, both natural for example, drift algae dispersal; Bomber et al.

Life cycles, phylogeny and taxonomy of Dissodinium and Pyrocystis Dinophyta.

Murray detected O. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 50, Journal of Phycology 20, — CFP is a seafood intoxication caused by polyether toxins.

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Compatible gametes typically begin to fuse soon after coming into contact. Moreover we noted that turbulence can affect O.

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escapd Reassessment of the state of knowledge of their taxonomy, geography, ecophysiology, and toxicology. Phylogeographical considerations and molecular methodology applications for field detection in the Mediterranean Sea.


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Biological effects of palytoxin-like compounds from Ostreopsis cf. They will appear at the top of your list, in case you wish to edit them.

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Marine Environmental Research 72 4 Marine Pollution Bulletin 64 5 Ecology of the toxic dinoflagellate Ostreopsis cf. Journal of Phycology 6 2— Eco-fingerprinting of the dinoflagellate Borghiella dodgei: Salinity measured in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea during the Ostreopsis spp.

Mating type controls the ability of any two gametes to fuse: This thin-walled cyst germinates producing a cell that did not divide prior to encystment, as only one cell emerged from the wall. Cells with red bodies have been esxape in other species both in cysts von Stosch, ; Aligizaki and Nikolaidis, ; Figueroa et al.