Note that if you’re using a version of Eggdrop older than 1. Below is a step by step guide to the installation process. Here’s the best method: Installing Eggdrop is a relatively simple process provided your shell has the required tools for successful compilation. Topic Scripts 42 Keep a particular channel topic, store topics, and display random topics. Top Downloads Scripts with the most downloads. If you use Undernet and you’re sharing a shell with lots of other bot users, leave this set to

eggdrop 1.8

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All Scripts Every script in the archive. Next, open up your config file with your favorite editor and uncomment set ssl-privatekey and set ssl-certificate.

You probably don’t want people seeing this info if they do a port scan on the bot’s shell. First off, decide which bot will be the hub and go to that directory. If you’re still unsure what the problem is, try asking in eggdrop on Freenode, and be sure to include any relevant errors from efgdrop logfile.

eggdrop 1.8

All the different options and channels settings are shown in the examples in the config file. Configuration Eggdro; are two files you will need to edit before you can start up your Eggdrop – the configuration file and optionally the botchk file. This has been changed, and there a quick-start, but incomplete, eggdrop-basic. You will need to make an eggdrop. If set to 1people can add themselves to the bot by sending ‘hello’ to it the user will be added with the eggdrol set in default-flags.


I recommend you go over the entire config file to ensure the bot will be egydrop properly for your needs. If the server does not have Tcl installed, you will need to download and install it.

Setting up an Eggdrop

It can be a pain in the butt when you want to paste multiple lines on the party line, so you may want to increase this to something like 5 or We’ve teamed with eggheads.

Quote Scripts 40 Display famous quotations randomly or in response to user requests. This will extract the Eggdrop source into its installation directory, named ‘eggdrop Latest Eggdrop News 27 Dec Eggdrop v1.

This was in development for some time during which it was known as the 1. I recommend setting it to 1. Topic Scripts 42 Keep a particular channel topic, store topics, and display random topics.

Current Scripts Scripts added or updated in the past 3 years. This is quite a long time, but it is necessary to prevent ‘throttling’ on Undernet servers if a server gets too many connection attempts from a particular host within a short period of time, it will block all connections from that host until there’s been a break in connection attempts. The botchk script and crontab are used to automatically restart the bot if the shell it’s on reboots or if the bot process is killed for some other reason.


You can then DCC chat to the bot. This makes sure the shell has all the right tools for compiling Eggdrop, and helps Eggdrop figure out how to compile on the shell.

eggdrop 1.8

Here’s the best method:. In future, you will only need to type. The previous version of Eggdrop, still widely used, is the 1. Download locations Eggdrop is distributed primarily on FTP servers in tarball format with the.

Eggdrop Tcl Archive: Home Page

Channel Linking Scripts 9 Link channels on different IRC networks, with the bots relaying channel activity between them. If set to 0users cannot add themselves – a master or owner must add them using the.

eggdrop 1.8

Greet Scripts 27 Greet users who join the channel with a general or user-specific message. Eggdrop requires Tcl to compile. It’s a good idea to leave these lines alone, eeggdrop the.

This will run the botchk script every 10 minutes, which checks that the bot is running and restarts it if it isn’t. Finally, be sure to remove the ‘die’ commands from the config there are two of them ‘hidden’ in various placesor the bot won’t start.