This document contains the following. Release Edited Downloads When checked, downloaded dictations that have been edited in some way but not yet uploaded, are removed from your computer and unlocked when you log out of EditScript MT. See Resume Playback at Nearest Word on page This option is disabled by default. Hours Before Unlock Specify a number, in hours, to determine the time before an untouched dictation is released back into the general work queue while EditScript MT is open. Learning the Interface Dictation information The dictation information area of the header displays information associated with the dictation itself, such as Speaker, Worktype, Business Entity, and CC List. This is placeholder text, meant to be replaced by an actual value during the editing process.

editscript mt 9

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EditScript MT 11

Reviewed Dictation Retrieval Select this option to download and review the marked-up documents scored by 99 reviewer. We recommend that you close other running applications if you experience slow performance while running EditScript. By default, when you load a new EditScript document, editscrjpt EditScript tab will be esitscript unless the ribbon is being hidden. For example, a clinician might say a word that you cannot understand, but later in the dictation, says something that clarifies the word.

Press the Spacebar to put a checkmark next to the correct result. Learning the Interface The right side of the ribbon displays the EditScript MT menus, from editscrript all other available commands are accessible. AutoSave Check to automatically save documents at intervals specified in the Minutes Between AutoSaves option see below. The voice cursor acts as a visual queue of what you are listening to in the report.


Introduction to the Contract Management System If you type into a contact field in the header that is not the CC field, such as consulting physician or attending physician, the Contact Search dialog will also automatically open.

May 10, Can someone enlighten me on Ediscript Escription. Getting Started Switching Modes New in version 11, EditScript MT allows you to quickly switch modes without logging out and logging back in, saving valuable time and improving productivity.

any difference in EditScript MT 9 and EditScript MT ? – Jenny

Working in EditScript MT Editing Dictation Text In addition to the standard text cursor that appears in a downloaded dictation, a second cursor is displayed when you play the audio file associated with a voice recognized dictation. You have only enough time to work on a specific number or duration of dictations, and you want to avoid having to release downloaded dictations from your queue that have not been completed.

editscript mt 9

Colon This draft dictation requires edigscript colons be added. If the number of downloaded documents falls below the number specified in this setting, a warning will appear to the user. To unlock the selected document s: Most noticeably, in the Normals dialog, icons have been replaced with buttons, and information is presented in an easy-to-read, clear format.

EditScript MT Student Guide V9. Software Version 9.0 Document Version 1.0 August 2009 escription

SM [ In Reply To. Web Conferencing Allows You to: Download and lock highlighted file s To download and lock check out highlighted files from the general work queue into your personal work queue: Sage, the Sage logos, and the Sage product and service names mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of More information.


Appendix A How to create a editzcript lab Creating a lab involves completing five major steps: Typically this means that the editsccript is not in the system yet perhaps because the dictation is occurring before the visit actually occurs or because the hospital is a bit behind on entering them into the systemso some place holder is needed to use for now.

Some MTs at Lancaster General Health are taking courses to broaden their knowledge base, and Lengel is working with hospital staff to determine other areas where MTs may be a good fit.

Enter all information known about the new contact here. Access through VPN should be limited, if possible.

If this happens, verify what is highlighted in that window before closing it. Pending List Management mode see Chapter 5: Humans must still be involved from beginning to end. Now you will not see this message again when you log into ESMT. editsxript

editscript mt 9

Listen to the dictation 2. The clinician fetches the transcription and creates a signed document file using NetScript. Listen to the dictation that is on your screen.

editscript mt 9

To release those dictations from the queue, you must log out of EditScript MT.