You will then see the contour lines. A new version of DrDepth is now available for download, using the links on your e-mail that you use for getting updates. June 14, , May 02, , Recording takes up about 1MB per minute of recording. I have an HBc. Kerr Lake NC Posts:

drdepth 4.6.5

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Plus some other improvements.

DrDepth (free version) download for PC

Make sure you read the download and installation instructions VERY carefully and follow them step for step. There also is a tutorial available through this group.

Towfish and Towcam Re: The newest update is version 4. I didn’t realize this could be done now and am anxious to download the latest version to try it. The map is laid over a Lakemaster map with the contour lines turned off.

Al Logged fresque93 Jr. There is no such thing as a dumb question when requesting information.

The names for the. The problem is that today I went out on one of these lakes and found out that the Lake master Map it NOT accurate and it’s off by many feet on the contour Lines. March 28, Ddrepth 09, December 05, Here is one I just made.


drdepth 4.6.5

January 13, I know that is a feature for. You can get the contours colored by depth in shades of green if you on the unit set the track style to ‘Color by depth’ here: The track already contains the depth and GPS coordinates needed for DrDepth to create basic contour and 3D maps of your lake. When the image is generated, you will see the depth labels in the contour lines and the contour lines will be the colors that you have in the scale box in the bottom left-hand corner of the DrDepth screen.

You will then see the contour lines. Here is what the same map looks like zoomed out to ‘.

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August 23, For 2D and 3D maps, the only thing you have to do is save your track to the card. I have a lake master map of the lake I fish and I’d like to modify some of the depth contours that are not right. Your boat icon should be where you are presently located on the lake. Yes, you will have the depth labels as waypoints when you click on Yes, when the Do you want to generate a waypoint label file?


drdepth 4.6.5

I have an c. I show my boat sitting on the 15 ft contour line and I’m showing the water depth at 8 ft.

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I have that question sent to Per to see if that will be available in the future. March 31, Humminbird wants you to have to buy the maps from them as drdpeth only will let you use the maps for Lakemaster in the future as Johnson Controls purchased the Lake Master Company recently.

drdepth 4.6.5

Enter a name you want to save it as and press Enter. Started by jamesunique General Discussion. September 25, ,