Markdown tables caused errors reported at wrong line number. For a mainpage without title the project name is now shown as the title in the XML output. BjoernD 4, 21 21 silver badges 31 31 bronze badges. Some headings in the user manual where wrongly formatted. You can enable this by running doxygen with the “-d Time” option. Doxygen now uses the default search path of dot for user defined dot graphs defined with dot and dotfile. Creator code was wrong in the MacOSX application bundle.

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Added natural scrolling for tablet devices like the iPad when using the treeview.

Removed bogus ‘ from the man doxugen output. Doxygen could hang when calling latex with invalid formulas. Added obfuscation of email addresses for the HTML output to make email harvesting more difficult. Documented struct fields declared as a comma separated list caused the documentation of all fields to be appended. Include path using quotes did not work as documented. Use new index style for page index. Fixed issue resulting in “Stack buffers nested too deeply” error.


I have a doxygen installation of 1. Applied patch tp avoid stripping prefixes for Fortran subroutines. Fixed problem matching argument lists with const qualifiers. Doxygen now uses the default search path of dot for user defined dot graphs defined with dot and dotfile. Project logo was not included in the Qt help output.

What version of RedHat for 1.8.4 and 1.8.3

Some headings in the user manual where wrongly formatted. Loading a new config file in doxywizard did not reset all values of a previously loaded config file. Note that enabling this feature has a significant performance penalty. For C enum values were 1.3 together if the same enum name was used in different scopes.

Non-default options are shown with red label, and there is context menu to reset them back to the default. Template classes produced invalid HTML in the tree view.

Series main : Doxygen

Fixed include guard detection problem when using pragma once id Corrected line number of error message reported for pages. Hide scope name was not working properly for todo items inside class members, where the class was inside a namespace.

Doxyyen sky must be clear.

Using a table with row span greater than 1 did not produce correct LaTeX output. Fixed strange warning when specifying a tag file with an anchor twice. Added compilation support for MacOSX Generated man page links were having a heading underscore.


Empty class definitions were not included in Tokens file for docsets. I am not sure if you can include pages into others as you want. Inherited documentation was only included for the last derived class in case of multiple inheritance. Fixed build problem for old Linux distributions.

Doxygen – Users – What version of RedHat for and

Simplify dictionary usage [ view ] Release 1. In some cases C attributes were treated as properties. Fixed problem matching base class member against the member in the derived class. Use of soxygen with hyperlinks is now the default. Fixed potential segfault while creating man pages. Adjusted the instructions to report a bug in the hope this will result in less duplicate bugs.