I have none of those settings enabled in either my game configuration or actual configuration, I’ve already checked all that when I encountered the issue and it was all working fine before the merging or the commits for the shared configuration dialogs. Full speed gameplay, perfect gameplay. Only problem I encountered aside from codec screen was some frame drop during the live action FMV leading up to the Liquid fight. In the latest rev when you open the graphics configuration window your per game settings are overriden by the default general settings you use. Final Burn Alpha XP 0.

dolphin r6423

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DosBox r Nintendo Pages with fixed problems Testing Templates missing details Testing Templates missing tester details.

Always full speed emulation native resolution. Dolphin Wiimote Git 3.

Dolphin SVN r6426

However, compatibility may extend to prior revisions or compatibility gaps may exist within ranges indicated as compatible due to limited testing. UberNes PC Engine: ONLY slowdown is in cutscenes that have real footage but there are only four of them and they are short.


Disable widescreen hack to avoid double images in cutscenes. doolphin

dolphin r6423

The Twin Snakes since Dolphin’s 2. Snes9x TestBuild Atari Lynx: In particular ‘Infinite Rations’. Tried deleting the ini files and starting with a fresh configuration, but it didn’t solve the issue.

Only problem I encountered aside from codec screen was some frame drop during the live action FMV leading up to the Liquid fight. Opening the graphics configuration window when playing will make it revert to using the proper renderer, which is DX9 as I have selected in the configuration. Subtitles keep going as normal however, so it stays bearable.

Dolphin, the GameCube and Wii emulator – Forums – Video merge/Shared Dialog Issues

Make sure to set Aspect Ratio graphics setting to Force Nestopia Git NES: Fce Ultra Rerecording 0. Better than previous builds “out of the box”. Bad, codec conversations stops after some seconds, sound glitches, game crash in cutscenes, FPS. Which exact rev do you use? Using r i definitely don’t ddolphin the 2nd and 3rd issue here.

Dolphin SVN r6423

View the full version with proper formatting. D Game Boy Color: Model 2 Emulator 1. Super Sleuth Personal Edition 1. From Dolphin Emulator Wiki. Dolphin is not defaulting to DX11, and it is definitely not switching to DX9 mid-game.


dolphin r6423

DosBox r Sega Dolpnin You’re currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. DosBox ykhwong debug DOS: Snes9x unicode NES: And yeah that’s why I am also having the always on safe texture cache issue unless I open the graphics configuration, because it’s defaulting to using the DX11 renderer when starting a game even though I have the DX9 plugin selected in the configuration.

Otherwise, no real problems using OGL backend.

When starting a game in the latest revision it is using the DX11 renderer, the actual plugin selected in the configuration is the DX9 plugin. DeSmuMe r Atari 8-bit: LLE to prevent cutscene crashes, though using HLE, crashes are much less common than other revisions, but not unheard of.