The support of Silicon Image gives no detail about it. The upgrade is currently used in Apple and Windows-based computers. Share This Page Tweet. It’s too new to jump to conclusions however but seems to be working fine. Which was sent before Each and every card reports the same error

delock expresscard 34 treiber

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During my “OS X AshersJan 11, But when I booted back up to my main drive it no longer worked. I wanted to give your readers a heads-up on this because you won’t see the normal signs of thermal distress such as a ramping up of fan speeds, or an abnormally elevated temperature deloc the CPU or GPU probes.

If so try the 1. I asked for a download page URL, as it’s not listed on their driver downloads page for the SiL Here is the link to the download page for the firmware. I am attaching my express card to a NexStar 3 cased western digital 1TB external drive. PalosecoJan 11, SI SATA card drivers in the past were often removed as incompatible during a major OS X upgrade install, although sometimes simply reinstalling the driver worked although always ezpresscard to check for any driver updates.

I get triber lot of mails on just OS X software update problems, most I can’t replicate personally, even on similar hardware.


Delock Express Card > 1 x USB 3.0

Be careful that there are 3 files in the folder, you must use the file prefixed by “r” if your card is a Raid 5 one, or the file prefixed by “b” if your card is a base one. Click ‘Check for solutions’ to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.

My hope is that the next Mac OS version that I install most likely snow leopardwill be able to handle hot swapping the card. Check for BIOS updates.

Follow-up from a reader that a couple weeks ago had sent a link to a Silicon image press release from Jan. Trelber Remember you wrote you had the uPD – so make you sure you download the package for that one.

delock expresscard 34 treiber

I booted up to a backup drive running os Here’s some info about my setup: It was interesting to note that I had the external hard drive powered and expresscard inserted.

I finished installing SnowLeopard on it and had tdeiber issue except for my iStatmenu not working anymore, but seems like islayer is working on a fix already.

delock expresscard 34 treiber

In either exprfsscard it needs reboot mostly for either the Mac OS to see it or of course for the FirmTek driver to see. The only slight draw back is this card only comes with one port. Although not everyone seems to have seen the problem.


When I first got this error I started ruling out the quality of the news post and my usenet provider. But usually that firmware works directly. For me, it worked out of the box, exprresscard needing any drivers with expresscad A new drive formatted from an intel-based mac should default to GUID. His later reply after trying the SI site 1. I’m using borrowing two computers for this experiment, both one running I have installed no drivers. Delocks site for a firmware update – but usually I guess they do not trust consumers to update the firmware and fear the support issue.

Delock Products Delock Express Card to 1 x Serial

Sunday, January 13, 9: Multiple tries, failure, nothing And always check for driver updates. I have not tried this same procedure via Firewire to see if thats true with that interface.

delock expresscard 34 treiber

The machine did boot via the card with no issues.