Candid Commentary on African Films. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. NV August 21, Whooaa where is this movie? Being able to bring out the difference in both characters Ik Ogbonna finally taking off his ever present sunglasses The movie overall was entertaining. There was one loose end — Bibi Diana Yekini. Overall, this movie offered just enough of a thrill to sustain an audience.

darimas dilemma 2

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After pressure from her ex-boyfriend, Darima risked her happy marriage to spend some time with him.

One important detail in the story is that no one inquired about the guy that was killed in the car accident with Darima. Of course dilwmma differences were distinct, but she also displayed subtle details into each twin, that it was obvious she carefully studied and mastered these characters.

This would expose the scheme and the fact that Darima was cheating on him. Leave your rating Rating. Leave a Reply Cancel darikas Your email address will not be published.

darimas dilemma 2

Just tell the truth and move on she obviously had ulterior motives. Mbong Amata Where to Watch: Darima existed for just 15 minutes of the movie! About Us Commentary Contact Us. Crisp picture quality and editing Mbong Amata acting as two different people: A set of twins decide to do what they do best: Why was Mbong Amata sweating up a storm every time we came across her character?


Would she keep the secret?

dagimas Dise was reluctant to play the game at first but later buckled. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen Starring: Hi Frank, I can relate to how annoying it is not see a movie in its entirety.

darimas dilemma 2

There was no need to keep up the charade once Dise discovered her sister was dead. I have been trying to find it.

Darima’s Dilemma | EbonyLife TV

Royal Arts Academy Country: There was one loose end — Bibi Diana Yekini. Of course the news would hurt Joshua and it would also result in her parents devastation all over again. There were clear distinctions between the two characters and she displayed an array of emotions as the guilt ridden Dise. Daeimas had fallen in love with him and insecurity set in when she thought of telling him the truth. Please, how did it end after she confessed the truth? I have caught the movie twice In a local TV channel and both times the power goes off and comes back when the movie has ended.


I have never seen this one before. Whooaa where is this movie?

Letoyinspeak: Darima’s Dilemma

You can find this movie on African Movies Mall. Here, the rapport between them was better for some reason.

No Comments Feb 15, My partner and I stumbled over here different website and thought I might check things out. As he subconsciously realized the truth, love led him to continue playing the game. Since Dise was impersonating Darima, everyone believed that Dise was the twin that died.

Darima’s Dilemma

In order to appreciate this movie, you first need to buy into the fantasy that one sister can successfully impersonate the other. Look forward to checking out your web page yet again. What comes next is somewhat predictable and totally uncalled for as one twin has to keep spinning a web of lies to keep their secret from being uncovered.