Still have more to do but, been waiting to record this whole time. Every teacher gets prepped now by my files or whatever they send from middle school saying they thought I was fucked up. Even if the genuine parts of you are the same as others, if you really are genuine the difference is noticed. Yo, I never met this guy before, ever. What does that really do for you?


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Buffalo, haha, I watched and made a great decision in cubbiebbear so. I already went through a bunch of annoying bickering between many people on my MySpace a while back from a blog I wrote.

Music | The Cubbiebear Legacy Project

Sounds funny but the cuubbiebear of betrayal was crazy. The dude was just Which is why, as you might notice, so many people are affected by his passing. I drop all music on that line so I know they heard it. Just getting a lot of writing finished first. It has already been submitted to the Sundance Festival, I think.

Cubbiebear: Better Than Making Shit Up | aboveGround Magazine

I get that [in Baltimore] like the whole crew does, but to see strangers do it is crazy. Without all [of] the things that were done to me growing up, I would never been able to get to this point. The Hundreds Fall Lookbook. And I considered him a friend. Sections of this page. I just wanted to play G. In he won a remix contest we were holding at SFR.



Even if the genuine parts of you are the same as others, if you really are genuine the difference is noticed. Then he luckily got me out of Juvi. He wants to shoot a video for it to cross promote his movie and my song. She even tried to put me in John Archer, which is the one school [that] every county has where everyone literally rides the short bus, is handicapped, mentally challenged, etc. See more of Sage Francis on Facebook.

In the meantime, our thoughts are with you and forever with Josh. I’m not sure if there’s a lesson to be learned here outside of trying to make the most of what you have while you can, love hard, and look out for others when you can.

Yea a grown man hitting a petite woman? Our good friend Joshua Bailey Cubbiebear passed away last night after an arduous battle with brain cancer.


So, as far as the set goes, what tracks did you do at these shows that had some people so up in arms? Full condolences go out to his friends, family, loved ones and everyone in our circle of indie-rap weirdos who were lucky enough to know and work with Josh over the years. The Baltimore MC founded a group and subsequent series of live shows that they—maybe shockingly—titled The Rape. And my whole crew at The Rape. I went from a happy kid to a very aggressive man.


Remember cubbiebewr Ace Ventura first came out?

Josh was super chill as always, but he was the kind of person who could flip the switch when it was time to smash the show. The same set up I recorded The Rape on.

Cubbiebear: Better Than Making Shit Up

That was the first time something like that happened and it stained my brain standing in the Magnolia Elementary hallway. Yo, I never met this guy before, ever.

I was a kid.