Email Required, but never shown. Unfortunately I get a warning Initialization from incompatible pointer type in when declaring the keyCallbacks, and i’ve tracked it down to using CFRetain and CFRelease. If that count consequently becomes zero the memory allocated to the object is deallocated and the object is destroyed. Sep 9, 62 0. Practically fully Automated Windows Jailbreak Install here by planetbeing!! Anyone know how i can get this working? You can use this function for debugging Core Foundation objects in your code.


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It seems to do the trick with weak-references. Mine keeps failing when i first loud touchfree.

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Asked 8 years, 8 months ago. Active 6 years, 1 month ago. In the documentation it says that cfcopydescritpion example CFDictionaryRetainCallback should look something like this:. The descriptions could change in a later release. Log In Cfcopydescriltion a Member? Use an appropriate function in CFString to “extract” the character string contained in the returned description. Do not create dependencies in your code on the content or format of the information returned by this function. For example, two CFNumber objects are equal if the numeric values they represent are equal.


The code now looks like this:. Has anybody tried to do something like this? Then print this string to a suitable console or output device. You normally do not use this function, otherwise.

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Open Safari on iPhone and navigate to http: Ethan Reesor Ethan Reesor 1, 16 16 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges. Sep 24, 0. Cfcopydescripton a textual description of a Core Foundation type, as identified by its type ID, which can be used when debugging. Get information on Apple products. Sep 14, 36 0. My original question is still standing.


The hashing value for an object might change from release to release or from cfcopydescrition to platform. When I open Touchfree it opens the command windows, but it shows nothing and just keeps flashing. You can also incorporate calls to CFShow in a test version of your code to print out “snapshots” of Core Foundation objects to the console. The default CFType ffcopydescription are likely just thin wrappers around those functions.


This is how i’m trying to do cfcopyeescription. Jan 18, 0 Austin, TX. That is, hashing values are not necessarily unique. Andrei Stanescu Andrei Stanescu 5, 4 4 gold badges 29 29 silver badges 59 59 bronze badges. Jan 23, 26 0. The subclass keeps an array of objects that should be notified whenever the object is deallocated.


If you retain a Cfcooydescription Foundation object you are responsible for releasing it see the CFRelease function. Go take a look at the callbacks struct definition, and then at the definitions of each of the functions. I created a new folder in my documents and added touchfree and itunesmobiledevice. One way to do this is to reuse the allocator assigned to an existing Core Foundation object when you call a “creation” function.

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